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  • Salutations, guys!

    I’d like to use this post to show the two games we made using Construct 2.

    The first is called Subject 000, a game where you need to jump, run, crouch, bathe in Vaseline and dodge bullets, sharp objects, missiles and other unspeakable dangers that lurk about, for as long as you can. (here’s the cover:)

    Link is http://www.kongregate.com/games/thewilypig/subject-000

    The second one is Doodle Rider, a game where you need to draw the road in order to take your little car through the city sky, dodging the evil walls that stand in your way. (cover below)

    Link is http://www.kongregate.com/games/thewilypig/doodle-rider

    We also have another, bigger game on the way, which you can check on our blog:


    Sooo, Could you guys have a look, spread the word and help us with opinions, programming tips and suggestions on how to make better stuff?

    Thanks, see ya

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  • Nice games dude.

    Subject 000 is pretty fun and the character animation is nice, used spriter? But the main menu looks a bit unpolished, a explanation about game modes would be a nice implementation.

    Doodle rider is pretty hard, can't manage to drive and draw at same time... and sometimes the walls force sharp changes in the road. But is certainly challenging.

    Can't wait to see more games!

  • Hey, thanks for the comment

    I did use and DO recommend Spriter, though I'm still learning its tricks. I'll have a look on the menu, thanks for the tip.

    And yeah, the idea os Doodle Rider is to make people suffer ^^

    ...oh wait, not really, buy it was supposed to be hard.

    More feedback would be appreciated!

    By the way, does anyone know other ways to promote a game? That would be appreciated as well!

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