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  • I have started for a while, a game project with me and a friend, using Construct 2. It's a 2-D Flash art side scroller shooter, which was inspired by my ideas about a world in conflict, and other factors described in the Discord (

    So here is a brief on what it is:

    It has many inspirations from popular and retro popular titles, so if you have played any games bellow, you will know how the game will feel, without even playing it!

    • Metal Slug Series
    • Strike Force Heroes Series
    • Cuphead
    • ArmA 2 & 3
    • Warface

    The game's main story takes place in the Mediterranean theatre of war, which was triggered due to a terrorist attack on the newly rebuilt Colosseum in Rome, during the world's biggest FIFA game of the century! It was triggered with the intent of exacting revenge for the disqualification of their countries from FIFA, due to a remote controlled soccer ball. The terrorist's countries had attempted to cheat their way to victory, for reasons unknown.

    Years after the incident, a horrible war breaks out as Italy, Spain, France, and Greece all combine armies and conduct a joint-amphibious landing on the sandy beaches of Algiers and Tripoli. Israel on the other hand, is a premium DLC campaign that has you playing an Israeli protagonist, tearing it up in Egypt. From the coast of Algiers and Tripoli, our main protagonist and his/her small group of NPC deuteragonists "set sail" on their adventures across the hot and barren desert, that is North Africa.

    Rating: This game according to its story and content, may be stamped "M" by ESRB, and probably 18+ by PEGI.

    The reasons why ESRB may flag this game as "M":

    • Intense Violence
    • Drug & Alcohol Use
    • Cartoon Violence
    • Suggestive Themes
    • Crude Humor
    • Language
    • Animated Blood

    Reasons why PEGI may rate this game 18+:

    • Bad Language
    • Discrimination
    • Drugs
    • Violence
    • Fear

    This game is planned to be released to the EU and US markets, with an emphasis on the US market. I wouldn't be surprised if this game became more popular in Europe than America, given that the nations in which our main characters come from are in the EU. No US content of any kind, so it may not appeal to some people in the US.

    This game is the "pilot" of a planned 4-part series. A lot more information is available on our Discord, as well as prototype artwork and other goodies. This game is currently in its Prototype stage. However, thanks to feedback, the Terrorists title is currently being rethought

    So yeah, come join this game as it develops! I am looking forward to seeing you in our Discord.

    DISCLAIMER: The content mentioned in this post are subject to moderate changes. I DO NOT endorse anything mentioned here or in my game. Everything listed here is still being thought about. The Alpha release of the game may be slightly different from the above mentioned themes. It's really up to the publisher's requirements, and the US/EU government on how much stuff I can get away with while keeping the game age appropriate and entertaining, without raising red flags anywhere. Think of it as a stress test.

    Serious stuff aside, the game will be Flash-Drawn and Animated, and every stage will have a depth of field, albeit being a linear game. Everything is hand drawn, and animated, the old, but futuristic way. One of the main pillars is the inventory system, and the ability to craft food and weapon items, etc. In addition, it will have over 35 guns of different classes (shotgun, assault rifle, etc.).

    With that said, you will be able to choose your main, premade character from the 4 vanilla nations. The Israeli DLC campaign and character is seperate from the main 4, even though lore wise Israel is allied with the 4 nations. The DLC will come as a whole package, with its own weapons and gadgets.

    In addition to that DLC, 2 more are planned to be made. One is the "Retro Rods" DLC which introduces 10 "modern" day guns (which in the game's lore are outdated), and the DLC "Electro-Volt" (adds laser guns and other sci-fi weapons). In addition, the stages will be structured like that of a Super Mario stage, with potholes, walls, and other obstacles that you must avoid.

    There's more to it via google doc, posted in our Discord. This game has been in my head ever since I started college. This game has been being thought about and created over one and half years, so I put a lot of time designing assets and typing documents and thinking about mechanics, and I'm still planning to add/subtract content.

    Please join the Discord if you're interested or just want to know more. I'll be happy to explain further and answer questions. Feel free to ask in a reply to this post. NOTE: This is a college project, so don't expect constant and rapid changes.

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