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  • Hello, everyone. Alright?

    Makes a good time that does not show up.

    I leave you to evaluate, criticize, and if it goes, praise, my project of TCC, the graduate game development, done in Senac SP.

    I look forward to everyone's opinion.

  • I like it overall, but it certainly needs some tweaking. Backtound buildings flicker. controls are little awkward(to me). and it was very clear how to finisht he level. It's also a steep learning curve without teaching the players how to be effective using there tools

    I would suggest remove the mine and turret first round and introduce them with consecutive levels. just let players get used to the basic controls first level.

    Maybe add some attacks to stun opponents.

    Otherwise it's looking nice :)

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  • Hello, thanks for the comments.

    The game is designed for mobile, so the controls were strangers in the browser.

    Many things felt dificuldad in construct, but I think it was more my lack of ability as a games programmer.

    Your review will be considered when returning to this project.

    Thank you, again.

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