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  • <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/76168132/scirra_game/evolution/title.jpg" border="0">

    > Click here to play <


    This is a simple ball bouncing game for my 3rd game creation. I created 4 levels for this demo version. Clear all stars to pass the levels. I know there has some bugs but I can only fix those by adding more events since the events reached maximum limit. I will fix the bugs when I bought the full license.


    UPDATED: (29 August 2012)

    01. Spinning star.

    02. Change ball direction by clicking on the ball.

    03. Increased ball speed.

    04. Adjusted board collision.

    05. Visible mouse cursor.

    06. Level design changed.


    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/76168132/scirra_game/evolution/guide.jpg" border="0">


    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/76168132/scirra_game/evolution/snapshot.jpg" border="0">

    Hope you enjoy the game~

    I'm glad to hear any feedback~

    Thanks~ ^^

  • well done :)

  • Cursor went outside the screen twice and I lost. :C

    The game is quite nice though. I like the music and the effects are neat. At times I feel the ball is a little slow but other than that- games quite fun.

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  • I like the style of the game. It looks absolutely beautiful and vibrant. I especially like the pseudo-3D "star field" effect in the background.

    I feel the game could be just a little bit faster, though. The paddle also seems a bit thick (Does the ball collide with the green band on the paddle or the whole thing?)

    Also, if I'm correct, Arkanoid (or Pong, I can't remember :P) had a mechanic where if the ball would go at different angles depending on how it hits paddle. For instance, if the ball hit the paddle closer the paddle's left edge, the ball would go further to the left.

    Other than that, the game looks great! Keep it up!

    (By the way, what are the Japanese characters underneath the title? Is that a subtitle or just "Evolution" in Japanese?)

  • AkiraWong Good job! It's entertaining and ofcourse, fun!

  • Really good idea, I really like breakout clones with power ups and stuff.

    It reminds me of this one I really loved when I was a kid. You also managed to pull off the japanese arcade game graphics feeling amazingly well.

    Nice one AkiraWong

  • Very well done! The only problem I have is the cursor likes to leave the game.

  • Thank you all for the comments and feedback~

    I'm glad that you enjoy playing my game~ ^^


    Thank you~ ^^

    Index & DiGiCORE

    Sorry about that, I will fix this on next update.


    The ball is collide on the center of green band~

    My apologize maybe I made it not enough fake 3D~ ><

    Thank you for the game example~

    I will adjust the collision on next update~ =)

    Yes, the Japanese word is the subtitle~

    The word "????" means "Orbit of Star"~


    Thank you~ ^^


    Thank you~

    I will do my best on the graphic as I can~ ^^

    New version is uploaded~

    For updates info, please check the top page~

    Thank you~

  • If possible set it so enable fullscreen better.

    Very Asian music haha :)

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