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  • Galaxy LITE will be coming out on Scirra after the full version is done. Themed on SPORE, Galaxy is your own little universe-you begin as a cell, and make your way up the evolutionary ladder to become a galactic god.

    There are six stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, City, Space, and God. All six stages have a challenge, but in the God stage you can simply eliminate any problems.

    In the Cell stage, you have to eat as much as you can and try not to die.

    In the Creature stage, befriend or make extinct other creatures to evolve.

    In the Tribe stage, destroy or ally other tribes to build a city.

    In the City stage, convert all other cities to your specialty-Force, Money, or Religion.

    In the Space stage, buy, ally, or conquer other species to gain the power of a God.

    In the God stage, you create, destroy, and shape your universe, and once everything is done, the game is complete, and you will be asked to wipe all data and restart or play again.

    Galaxy LITE will not have all these; only the Cell, Creature, Tribe, and City stages, and less Creatures and Cells to choose from.

  • Note that Galaxy is not out yet, I'm having problems with the cursor and can't seem to fix it...

  • Also, feel free to post what you think should be in the game, too! You opinion counts!


    Found that a white-and-black grid set with 50 opacity can make a pretty decent cursor.

  • can we try it?

  • some screenshots or soemthing would be nice

  • Really interesting I like the cell and water part of spore

    but not the animal phase.

    If you can doit then I like to try

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  • can we try it?

    Yes, but only the lite version. Premium will be on

  • if there is anything but forum posts done post the link

  • Post your sprites if you want to have your NPC and skin in the game!

    Only first ten entries will be added, so hurry!

    The first three go into the LITE version, too...

    Your sprite must have the following:

    Animation strips or frames (for separate animations: one facing right, left, up, and down for each action.),

    A sound for each act (Bite, Stampede, Poison, Strike, Sing, Charm, Pose, Dance, Walking, and three Voices),

    and a name and/or description.

    Please make it appropriate, no disturbingly violent or nude images.

    Only first ten entries will be added, so hurry!

  • I'd like to see some pics of this game.

    Yes... the main menu is just being made, but half of the game development will be done by people other than me, not just me, so if you'd like to see what the game will look like, just take a look at the submissions for creatures, cells, and planets.

  • CreatedorMade, do you speak english?

  • Sounds to me like Creatormade is fishing for ideas and free material to put into a game that doesn't yet exist at all.

  • I don't like the God Stage ! You will loose alot of your players before of this , Do not mess with religions !

    Change God to Master of Universe of something like that !

  • CreatedorMade, do you speak english?

    Of course... ???

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