Future Racing (Demo Ready)

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  • Hi!

    Im building this F1 Racing game.

    And it was time to show u my progress.

    Here is the Demo of the first cirquit.


    WebGL and chrome Needed

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/Intro.jpg" border="0">

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/ChopperScreen.jpg" border="0">

    Every cirquit starts with this menu from inside the helicopter circulating around the cirquit at a high altitude. (U can even hear the blades spinning <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">)

    U can tune the difficulty by adjusting the slow or fast slider bar.

    I aim for adults and young childer to be able to play this.

    So the slow setting is really for the latter.

    Steering ratio can be adjusted (which is automaticly adjusting to the speed you are driving at, so the faster u go the slower u steer)

    Yep u need to use the brakes some times <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    And the grip settings does what it says.

    It gives u grip or it does not.

    U can even drift your F1 car around the track if u would like to.

    And u can save your settings localy to your browser.

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/ChopperScreen2.jpg" border="0">

    As u can see here, there can also be raced at night.

    In fact u can switch from day to night by the push of a button (Which i still have to make in the "helicopter" menu)

    Or u can use the day and night cycle.

    The day and night cycle brings a whole new level of racing difficulty.

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/Race.jpg" border="0">

    Ai cars are not based on the bullit behaviour of construct 2.

    They also use the car behaviour.

    So the level of ai control is very nice.

    They brake like your car does.

    Steer the same.

    And they react to collision.

    When they slam into you, they push the brakes, slow down and re-accelerate.

    When they collide at high velocity they react different.

    This also goes in acount for Ai vs Ai collision.

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/Race2.jpg" border="0">

    Here u can see a little night racing.

    Not all parts of the track are well lit, so your headlights come in handy, but only offer u a narrow look on the track ahead of u.

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/KingOfTheLap.jpg" border="0">

    Every player can become the king of the lap.

    And ultimately win the race

    Pits are necessary.

    U can avoid them for a few rounds, but dont wait to long or your car will come to a halt.

    <img src="http://ruimteschool.nl/F1/Screenshots/InGameMenu.jpg" border="0">

    There is an in game menu where u can set the laps.

    Set race or practice.

    Tweek the car to your perfection.

    Save it, and reload it.

    The tweeking of the car is done in comparishment to the slow or fast speed settings.

    So if your car steers nice at the slow settings, it should also do the same at fast settings.

    Then there is the race cam.

    I managed to implement a scrolling cam that reacts slower and really dynamicly to the way you race.

    How... it works?

    Visit the Tutorial

    <img src="http://www.ruimteschool.nl/F1/Camsystem.jpg" border="0">

    The cars have gears (Automatic but they do have them), so the accelerations are like real cars.

    Later this week i wil be adding fuel and setting the pits active.

    Im all ears to your suggestions & comments.

    So if u have thoughts on/for this racer, il be reading them. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Looks great, but is there no link to try it out? :(

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  • Thanx Tom

    The link to the first demo wil be uploaded this afternoon.

    It will be only racing at this point.

    So no pits and fuel yet.

    But everyone here at the Scirra forum can have a go with it <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Testing their favorite car settings and competing against the Ai.

    Im very curious to the experience people will have with it.

    Glad u liked the screens!

  • Looks great! I like the night screen.

  • ooo! this looks good :D

  • Thanx!

    Here is the Demo of the first cirquit.


    WebGL and chrome Needed

    Build on a dual core 1800ghz

    Just a benchmark.

    Still lots to be done but u can get a feel of what the game is going to be.

    Keyboard layout:

    (C) Camera swich "scrolls to other racers"

    (R) Throttle.

    (Space) Brakes.

    (Arrow Left) Steer Left.

    (Arrow Right) Steer Right.

    (W) Night/Day/Automatic Cycle

    "Day and night cycles by default when u leave the (w) as it is.

    If u want to experience the full day and night cycle u should set the amount of laps to about 15."

    Dont expect the Ai to be friendly or allways driving the perfect line.

    Im doing my best to make them as unpredictible as possible.

    I know its F1 racing and F1 is very serious to itself, but this is suposed to be a fun game so im working on a perfect balance in between.

    So try to evade the Ai while u can, or smash into them and see how far it will bring u. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Collision with them will slow u both down depending on the speed there is driven.

    U can Set the amount of laps u want to race.

    And well, of course im curious if your winning :-)

    U can swich back to the helicopter overview of the cirquit anytime while racing.

    However u wont win any races like that, it still is fun to look at the Ai going beserk at the track from high above in a heli.

    I still got lots to do, but after this cirquit is completely finished il hand over that cirquit to the scirra arcade.

    After that il be working on more cirquits.

    And who knows if in the future someone could help with implementing multiplayer into this game.

    That would be a blast.

    Ps: Loading takes a few seconds

    Well. 3.2.1. ! Have Fun

  • Pretty neat, but gets some fairly serious frame rate issues, even on my PC (which runs everything at mega detail).

    Seems like fun, and it's certainly a cool concept. I'd love to see how you made the AI, that's pretty fantastic :)


  • SoldjahBoy


    Im still working on the framerate, trying to get the best out of it.

    The Ai is pretty massive for my standarts.

    And its not even done yet.

    I used the basics that Pode and Yann discribed on the forum.

    I got it from their capx.

    Then altered it somewhat to do what it does now.

    In their capx the bullit behaviour is used.

    In F1 Racing the Ai and the player both use the car behaviour.

    From there on out i build in my own AI functionalities.


    On what kind of Pc are u playing?

    Im curious, because if yours is faster then mine im not shure where the framerate drop comes from.

    If its the other way arround then im not supprised u get frame loss.

  • My system is about 3 years old now, but still pretty good considering...

    Intel Quad Core Q9300

    4Gb OCZ Reaper 1066mhz RAM

    2 x GTX280 Graphics Cards (1Gb each)

    MSI P7N Diamond series mainboard

    I can run Crysis 2, Skyrim, BF3, on max settings for the most part...

    And thanks for the capx I'll check it out for sure :D

    Best of luck in continuing this! Too bad it's not made in CC... looks like our Raknet based network plugin that Arsonide is working on is coming along rather nicely, but it's CC only!


  • Looks great! but am I missing something as I cannot start a race?

  • Looks great! but am I missing something as I cannot start a race?

    I'm asking myself the same question..

  • qster & Dado

    My gues is that u pushed the start button without first inputting how many laps u want to race.

    There is a little system message that explains this when u push the start button.

    But i gues i have to make it bigger.

    Hover the menu.

    Input how many laps u want, press ok, then start.

    Please let me know if it worked for u now.

  • I'm still having trouble! :/

    I can put in the amount of laps, clicking OK doesn't seem to do much, I can click on save/load/reset and practice but none of them seem to do anything.

  • qster

    Which browser are u using?

    It is a chrome game.

    Il wil make an updated version in a few hours.

    The save and load should work.

    However you would only notice the change when u drive the car.

    So i gues i need to put some more effort in the useage of the menu.

    Il work on that now

    Have u pushed the start button after clicking ok in the laps input section?

  • I'm using the latest Chrome.

    I only see a practice button, I don't see start.

    Only thing I notice is that when I click reset/load/practice the buttons change when I click but that doesn't happen when I click OK after putting the laps in.. don't know if that helps?

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