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  • Lots of cool 2030 games here, so I figures I'll drop my very first construct creation here as well and entrance to the contest. The game is simple called 0302 - here's the introduction to the game:

    [quote:1d4qtvus]The year is 2030. You are the most prestigious elite commando of the Cadáver military site, and have just returned to the camp from your last mission. However, something is different today...

    Right after entering the site, you notice a foul stench hovering around you. You realize the military lab must have screwed up with the transmutation tests that were supposed to take place while you were away. You grab your trusty old hand gun, and set out to see what there is to do...

    All art including music produced by me. If you enjoy the music, please check out voiceofasoul [dot] com for other songs

    Play the game newgrounds, it's called 0302


    WASD/Arrow keys to move

    In addition, you need to use the mouse to aim.

    Left mouse click to shoot

    1-3 cycles through weapons, but you only start with ammunition for your hand gun.

    1 = Desert Eagle

    2 = Uzi

    3 = Shotgun

    p.s. over time you will find medikits to attend your wounds and ammunition/weapon crates to keep you armed and ready.

    Have fun! I had to rush this one a bit for the competition, so I didn't have time to include multi-player but later on I'll probably turn this into a dead match arena game where people are able to fight with / against their friends.

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  • OK, but where can I find and play your game?

  • ahh it's on newgrounds . com -> search for game 0302.. it's the only game there. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post URLs still here at the forums.

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