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  • I created some realistic ants while practicing my AI routines for enemies to go into my main project. These little guys were so much fun I thought I'd make them into a simple game/experience. This is web based so no download is necessary.

    Read the simple instructions before playing... Enjoy!

  • Virtual Ants has had an minor AI update and more importantly a spawn 100 ants button added. Simply click or tap the small search bar with the magnifying glass to spawn 100 ants at a time. You can now spawn thousands in seconds. I've had several hundred running on my mobile phone and several thousand on my PC.

  • Keep pressing the down key if you want to have a panic attack.

  • Hehe. I presume you mean when the size wraps and they are suddenly bigger. On a monitor they do look a bit creepy when they are big :)

    I will be adding a counter for the ants soon so you will know how many are on screen :)

  • The Ant counter is now live. I'd love to know how many ants you can spawn before your PC or phone slows down.

    I've had 3000 ants on my Moto Z phone with 1800 being the maximum it can display smoothly.

    My laptop can handle 18000. I didn't go more than that as I could hardly see the screen :) The ants were a little slow at this speed. 8000 run smoothly.

  • Yeah I was referring to when you tap down to make them smaller then it cycles round so they appear huge, I still have nightmares.

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  • Sorry about the nightmares :) The bigger ants are really only there for phone users so they can make the ants a sensible size on their small screens. I have to increase the size 5 times above default on my Moto Z and on my old Samsung Galaxy S2 I need to increase them 7 or 8 times to get something of a realistic size.

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