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  • Fruit Shoot is a simple point and click shooting game featuring a small variety of fruits. The aim of the game is to achieve the highest score, with a level cap at 20.

    Fruit begin to fall from the trees which if missed and destroyed remove some of your life. By clicking on them (shooting) you can destroy them receiving both life and health in return.

    Apples require one shot. Lemons require five shots and give more points and health. While pears require eight shots.

    Hitting ten fruits in a row gives a combo multiplayer.

    You start the game with a magazine of three bullets. By destroying fruit you gaim experience and level up. Each level gives you a greater ammo capacity. Ammunition needs to be reloaded when the magazine is empty.

    The general controls for the above game are:

    LMB - Shoot or select

    RMB - Reload

    P - Pause

    ESC - Exit and restart/reset.


    **Update (09/11/2011):

    -Transition to 'Highscores' scene fixed

    -Swapped logo in initial scene.

    -Fixed hyperlink to game

    **Update (15/11/2011):

    -Reset layout for main area

    -Added in example credits layout

    -Added in controls layout

    -Added in but disabled music and sound

    -Changed came dynamic and game-play

    **Update (06/12/2013):

    -Removed redundant and broken images/links from this post.

  • Ha great game, very enjoyable

  • Thank you very much. Its a little speedy to begin with, until you level up and can carry more ammo.

    I need to alter the health gain, point games etc... For the hits to the Lemons and Pears.

    And really I should aim to get the highscore layout back up... well maybe this weekend.

    I'm aiming with this project to upload to and maybe experiment with the FaceBook Api.

    Thank you again. for your feedback.

  • yea i dont think i was able to take out many pears since it takes so many hits to take them out then u have lemons and apples falling too, makes it very interesting and could be very addicting. love the art work very impressive.

  • Very nice game...had fun playing it looks like you put alot of work to yor graphics looks very nice!!!

  • your text is bad, I think it ruins your game because it is bad but also so big. i like your signature style but think you should improve that by shrinking or changing it. some other elements seem oversized.

  • Thank you very much for the compliments and criticisms. It still has a lot of work to be done when I have the time.

    Someone elsewhere has mentioned that it looks a little dark, I'm wondering whether that's the difference in monitors as my laptop screens fairly bright.

    ann: Concerning the text what do you mean by bad? I can understand when you say its a little to big in places. That's partly due to my learning curve in keeping to a 640x480 size screen and trying to get other images to a suitable size (which i failed at) to view on some monitors. But I quite like the aesthetics of the style I drew. I can understand the 'oversized' feel of some elements.

    All the best,


  • Awesome art style going on there =D

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  • lovely art !!!

    what software did you use ??? inkscape ???

  • LOL! I was terrible at trying to get more than 3 hits in but it was fun.

    I didn't see a problem with the text on the main menu but I felt that the HUD took up a fair amount more space than what I would have expected; I felt that I was pretty cramped while playing.

    But the art style is great! I would love to hear what tools you used and the technique behind it. Did you learn it from a tutorial?

    Lastly, loved how you treated the C2 logo. Can't wait to continue watching this evolve.

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you again for your compliments on my artwork and game. I'm still hoping to improve, resize and redraw some elements, especially the background at the start menu(Lack of free time is a cruel mistress). I hope to add new content, sound as mentioned as well as your improvements/suggestions.

    I've noticed a niggly problem with whether you click or hold the LMB while shooting the fruit. Occasionally I would shoot and clearly hit, but the shoot wasn't counted and not 'miss' sprite was created. However, if the click was held, then the action was better registered.

    PixelAmp: I found that I missed a fair few times as well. The hit boxed are elongated over the sprites to increase the chance of hitting. But I think I need to rework the click or hold LMB action. At the moment, once you level up, you get an ample ammunition capacity.

    My plan is to lower the hud, keep the XP bar at the bottom, the points/level part above the leaves. And rotate the axel for the magazine to the left. That should give enough room I think.

    Thank you again to the compliments on the artwork. The tool I used to create it was a software package called "Artrage: Pro", I would also very occasionally use "GIMP 2.6".

    Artrage has a tool called the "Sticker Stamp". Whereby, for the leaves/grass etc... I can draw in grey about 6 different styles of leaf/grass blade. Convert them to a stamp (with a set of them flipped), then spray them with a randomised rotation, hue, saturations etc... level to make it easier to produce larger sceens like the back ground.

    The main sprites and text were simply hand draw with a bamboo tablet within Artrage Pro using layers. They are are bitmap as opposed to vector in creation.

    mrsponkie: I've only dabbled in Inkscape, and so I'm not very familiar with it. It would take me a while to produce the artwork I needed. If I had Illustrator/Flash I may have used them to produce vector artwork incase I needed the same for a future larger project. But I used Artrage instead.

  • If you rapidly click RMB when you first reload you get more rounds than you should. That was the only issue I've noticed other than sometimes weird hit boxes which you seem to know about already. Otherwise, beautiful art and fun game.

  • Just updated the game again. Unfortuantely impplementing sound gave different results for a hosted came and a locally hosted game, so I've disabled it for the moment.

    I've re-engineered the game dynamics and managed to remove some bugs.

    bologna: As of yet I haven't improved the reloading mechanics, but the weird box hit should be sorted. Also, thank you for you compliment concerning my art. I'm hoping to improve it on certain aspects of the game.

    All the best...

  • hi, i enjoyed it !

    beautiful art !

    keep it up, i think it will be a very nice game, hope u put sounds soon...


  • OHH MY GOD! i love your art style...

    awesome game :D

    maybe a chance to upgrade reload speed, would be great.

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