[FREE][GAME] Dodgy Dog – more ADDICTIVE than flappy bird!

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  • Hello everyone!

    I just published my second game on Google Play: Dodgy Dog!


    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... eativemind


    Help Dodgy Dog to dodge the projectiles!

    Remember the pattern and avoid getting hit!

    Can you last longer than your friends?

    This game features:

    • Highly addictive gameplay
    • Easy controls
    • Difficulty increasing from easy to brutal
    • ...and a sweet little dog!


    Additional Info:

    This game is absolutely free.

    It is available for Android phones and will spread to iOS soon.

    Please give critique – and have fun!

    Kind regards

    Creative Mind

  • Updated to version 1.1, featuring:

    - Better performance, now running smoothly!

    - Bigger buttons

    - Smaller file size

    Please give it a try and tell me whether you liked it or not

  • Good work

  • Nice work!

  • Too bad I have an iPhone, no Android for me yet

  • I played this game on my dad's Android, here are the pros and cons of your game:


    • easy to play
    • game works well
    • keeps track of individual score and high score
    • decent graphics


    • adding music and sound effects would be really nice
    • no highscores board

    Overall, I give this game 7/10. I look forward to your future games!

  • Thanks to all for the feedback!

    Yes, I might consider adding sound effects in version 1.2, good point! Maybe Google Play leaderboard in 1.3, who knows

    Small annotation: Performance might temporarily decrease as I have to rebuild Dodgy Dog with Crosswalk10. But I will restore the current performance level as soon as possible

  • when I read the title of your thread, I expected another boring flappy bird clone, I'm getting tired of those, but your gameplay is completely different and refreshing. Really like it! How many levels are there btw, I'm trying to play through it?

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  • Dodgy Dog is not meant to be a Flappy Bird clone, glad you liked it There are 100 levels total. I'm excited to see if someone is able to beat the game and how long it will take this to happen.

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