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    Hi everyone! FREEDOM: Diegesis is an free 2D side-scroller with puzzle, adventure, and horror elements that I've been working on over the past few years.


    This world was once a predictable place, where heroes stomped minions and rescued damsels. But now everything is changing: The heroes are missing or unwilling, and the villains have huddled away searching for more from life.

    The protagonist, a disgraced prisoner, finds himself in over his head amidst these changes. He's tasked with infiltrating the Eastern Lands and rescuing his kingdom's princess in exchange for freedom. But he's no warrior, and the world's mutation is spreading...


    X to jump (or to let go of a ladder).

    C for actions/interactions.

    R to reset a level if you get stuck.

    W to switch between screen modes (default or twice the size).

    M to toggle muting of all audio, L to toggle half volume mode.

    P to toggle pause.

    F4 to exit the program.

    Progress is auto-saved at title-cards between levels.

    Touching any enemy or hazard will kill you and reset the level.

    Watch out, its easy to get stuck in pits or puzzles. Look before you leap!

    You can try to collect all the coins and treasures, but why bother?

    WARNING: Game contains mild strobe effects and possibly disturbing content.


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    Thanks for checking out my game! Let me know if you experience any bugs with this first full release, please.

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