Free version of iOS game Star Invaders released!

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  • Hello again everyone.

    We have just had our free version of Star Invaders approved by Apple so I thought it might be useful for anyone thinking of using CocoonJS to test it to see the performance of a game with a lot going on.

    If anyone needs any help with mobile games then I will try and help as best I can :)

    Please, please could you give us a five star rating too, I will do the same for any of you!

    Thanks all!


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  • Sorry but it crashes half way thru loading on my iPod Touch (4th gen).

  • Oh yes, I have had to put that at the top of the description on iTunes. The game will only work with devices equipped with 512 of Ram. I'm guessing HTML5 is very Ram hungry. It was working on 3gs and older iPod touches before the backgrounds were added in, but I couldn't find a way to optimize the game enough to run with them.

    I did request to Ludei about a Ram tracker in CocoonJS Launcher but they glossed over it. Still, I hope they take it on board in the future.

    So unfortunately this game will only work on iPhone 4 and above, and iPod 5th gen.

  • Alright. I just automatically look at the official Requirements, which lists gen 3,4,5 of Touch. Do you have control over showing this, or does Apple bundle these together?

  • Welcome to the crazy world of apple. You can specify the ios version but not the phone requirements. I've seen games get slated because of this even though its apples fault. All we can do is put a note at the top. Certainly not ideal.

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