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  • I finished another game you can find on Synaptop.

    The game is a rendition of the classing Rock-paper-scissors game that many of us learned when we were younger. In the game players can see their opponent's choice for a few seconds, then both players have a chance to change their choice, to trick their opponent. The game keeps track of score and continues indefinitely.

    I have got an external page for this game found here.

    As always, I welcome any feedback be it questions, comments or concerns.

  • Congrats on the release of your game!

    Just a quick question... Why did you choose that website to publish it?

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  • Thanks!

    I publish on Synaptop because I work there. We have quite a few free games (many made by me), we focus on multi player games (playing with friends) and we have a javascript API for to accomplish such. I wrote a plugin for Construct 2 that allows me to utilize the API in Construct, so I like developing with it. (I find it a lot simpler to set up and use then Construct's own multiplayer plugin, although I have used both in the same game once or twice.)

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