[Free] Christmas Globe and Box of Lies

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  • Finished up a box of lies game that's meant to be run with Synaptop's Video chat, although it can work well with any other mode of communication, it's more fun with a service that relays both video and sound to give the other players more clues as to if the active player is lying.

    In this game, the active player is shown an object, which they must describe to the other player(s), and the the other(s) must determine if the active player is telling the truth or lying. If they guess correctly they gain a point, but if they guess wrong, the active player gets the point. After 9 objects, the game is over and the player with the most points wins.

    The game, video chat and Synaptop is free on synaptop

    I have an external page for this game found here

    Here are some screenshots for Box of Lies


    I also created a little happy holidays app for you all, it's also free on Synaptop as usual, here's a screenie!


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