Foxy Jump, A new take on the endless runner genre.

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  • Hey there, I just recently released my first ever android game, using Construct and CocoonJS.

    It's not your average Flappy bird clone. It features 3 foxes you have to control simultaneously, and incoming treetrunks you have to avoid!

    You can check it out here:

    Or search in the playstore for either Foxy Jump or Derqs.

    A rating would be very much appreciated.

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  • Hey man, link doesn't work (access denied)

    edit: All good now

    looks great, what's your layout size?

  • Thanks!

    600x360 px, based on the 5:3 ratio.

  • It's extremely difficult (butterfingers ) but I like the twist on Flappy Bird idea. I don't get it why we keep getting so many clones. This is something fresh. I love the artwork, it's super cute. I don't love my clumsiness.

  • Interesting

  • Almost got 50 downloads. My goal is 200 so it's going great so far.

    Got a lot of feedback so far which is great! I think I really should consider letting the foxes move faster.

    How would anyone feel about "coins" for more points and such, or different obstacles instead of only logs?

    If you have suggestion please write them down. Because I'll consider every one of them.

  • I would suggest an iterative approach in adding features later on. Certaintly, asking for feedback is awesome! Don't rush it though. Play around with the mechanics, like speeding up the foxes. Let others play it with the changes without releasing it. Get their feedback and, more importantly, watch what them when they play it. Then add in other things, like coins, to add additional layers of game play to the game. Just my two cents. It looks like you have a fun game. Don't rush into it.

  • nice design, i like it ! 4 stars for you

  • Derqs Nice game. Controls are a little difficult though. I couldn't get more than 2 points. lol

    I did have one question though... How did you remove permissions while using CocoonJS?? Is there new exporting options that don't require them anymore?

    Thanks! And congrats on the release!

  • I decompiled the unsigned apk, removed the permissions I wanted in the XML file, recompiled the apk and signed it.

    This is a quote from ludei about doing this in an other topic:

    [quote:e129hq4c]Until then, we think your only option is to try your luck with the apk tool other users have suggested.

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