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  • Hey guys! I started making this game called "Fort Zombie" You buy walls to build a Fort to protect from zombies. I want to know what you guys think, and is there anyway I can make it better? Download


    Left Click to Spawn a wall

    Right click a wall to destroy it

    Press Z to sacrifice a survivor :P

    Right Click a zombie to kill it

    Protect your player!

    When you play can you please post the wave you got up to, your rank, and the amount of money you got? This game is seriously hard even for ME. I wanna see what people get up too. Thanks!

  • Hey there.

    First of all, here are the infos.

    Money : 780

    Wave : 110

    Rank : Captain Killer

    The main flaw in your game is that there is no thrives surviving, it just got boring after wave 10.

    I could easily go through all these waves without fearing for my life.

    Just got to spawn a massive amount of walls in the corners, clic to kill zombies, profit.

    The idea is great but need a little bit more development/polishing.

    You could :

    • spawn more zombies
    • have different type of zombies (tough one, running one, bombing one...)
    • give powerups to the player (like TNT, would be awesome to create a set of walls and wait for the zombies to agglomerate and then... KA-BOOM !)
    • different type of wall depending on the different type of zombies (brick, iron...)
    • have a stylish "RANK UP !" animation to tell the player that he is awesome
    • a leaderboard and a "Challenge your friends" thing

    BTW, I didn't get what sacrifing a survivor gave.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hope I could help you a bit.

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  • Thanks. I will do some of that stuff, just thanks man. Also, Sacrificing a survivor: When the survivor collides with a zombie it kills them both.

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