Forbidden Forest [WIP] Need feedback

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  • Hello everybody :)

    Forbidden Forest (Working title I just made up <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle"> ) is a platformer I am currently making. I have done two levels now so I am pretty much getting in to the game, but really need so feedback before I carry on making more levels.

    The problem I have is that I have been building this game for about three weeks and have become very familiar with how it plays so I have no idea if what is easy for me in the game is to hard for other people!

    I am aiming for it to be a casual game so I don't want the game to be very challenging, but I still want to test the players at the same time. These are only a couple of mechanics that you have in the game, you will unlock lots of new spells and encounter more enemies as you progress through the game.

    Anyway this is my first project with C2, bloody loving the engine so far! Hope you enjoy what I have done so far :)Forbidden Forest(Update) 24/07/12

    Remember to press F11 <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle"> -

    Also credit goes out to Koori-kun for the awesome music in the game! Check him out!

    (Also bare in mind all the art you see in the game is 100% place holder!)

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  • Really nice work so far!

    I played it till the end just to go all the way back again and admire the background/foreground art some more ^^ (and then back and back again..)

    I didn't find it hard at all and neither it was boring or slow, the character's speed was quite pleasing. Its too early to judge when, as you said, most of the elements/mechanics are not there yet.

    As for the feedback:

    1. i found the bullet/magic bolt very slow

    2. some knockback effect when hit by enemies would be cool

    love to see an update!

  • As for the feedback:

    1. i found the bullet/magic bolt very slow

    2. some knockback effect when hit by enemies would be cool

    Hey anheric! Thanks for the the feedback. You will unlock a new staff further in the game which increases the rate of fire and damage. As for knock back I think that would be pretty nice. Could have it so the lower your health the greater the knock back effect.

  • Looks pretty nice so far! I really like the style of the placeholder art + music. Great atmosphere.

    I think you have achieved your goal, it was simple but provided a challenge.

    Perhaps you could recharge your energy over time instead of picking up magic pots (firing the staff is fun, but the mechanics make you not want to shoot unless you absolutely have to). It would also be nice with some gravity on the bullets, you could shoot up and over blocks (I can imagine it fitting in with the style of game your making).

    Just some quick thoughts anyway, look forward to more!

  • Not sure if you played to level two but, you learn a spell to recharge health with magic. Well on another level you learn a spell which lets you trade health for magic. I tried the energy recharge, but I found myself waiting for it to charge, which means I was sat there doing nothing was pretty boring. On the first six levels you get a new spell/item. Should have level three done in a day or two so I will upload an update.

  • Oh ok, I was using Ie9 so maybe it bugged at the end of the first stage. I'll try again in a few days with chrome.

  • Thanks for reminding me to test on other browsers! Haha!

  • i like it so far. The placeholder stuff is pretty good. Nice you're trying to sort out mechanics first before diving into asset production. There are long expanses of not much to do while walking up to next gap, checkpoint, enemy or whatever, but if it looks and sounds pleasing people won't mind strolling about in your world. So while visuals should play second to gameplay, a game like this has a bit to do with charm of characters, environments.

    So it's simple and there isn't much new honestly, but it could still snare some folk looking for a casual platformer with lite rpg elements. Will be checking in on this project for sure. Good luck and have fun learning with construct2, I've been digging it so far. I had two projects i started with it but put them off until i could learn more, so I started with a much smaller scoped game and its amazing how much knowledge i will be able to transfer to my earlier projects having gone through this "smaller" one. What I'm saying is if it looks like this could be really good to you, then consider doing a smaller project first to kinda "grind" for knowledge before facing the final boss. Just my opinion. Have fun!

  • Yeah, I have every mechanic already implemented in to the game now. Now I am just building the levels around what I have done. I have an artist called Ailish working on all the assets now. She is coming out with some really impressive work, so I am confident the game will have lovely visuals to keep the players eyes focused.

    I started a couple of project to, but dropped them for being to ambitious. So I started this game, it started out to be a simple platformer. I just wanted a to create a full completed game. However it started pretty simple and the more I learnt, the more went in to the game haha, so I am pretty happy with how it plays at the moment.

  • You�ll really rock with your potential game =P

    Don't miss to call for help if needed ^^

    Looking forward to see your game finished.

  • Thank you :) Should be finished or close to finished in a couple of months. I will keep updating if people are interested.

  • We're definitely interested. It already has such nice atmosphere with the placeholder art and music. I'm really looking forward to how it progresses.

  • Haha well in that case I will keep you all updated <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey, need a bit of help! I was wondering to what you all think about taking the need of magic? I found the game is more challenging with the need to pick up magic, but if you give the player no limits the game becomes more entertaining and I can make the game more difficult by having hard enemies and more of them?

  • Right! Level 3 is pretty much done, couple of bugs, but its nearly 7am so I need some sleep!


    Graphical - Vignetting

    New Item - New magic weapon

    New Spell - Slow time

    Enemy - New enemy class

    Enemy - Moving enemy health reduced

    Player - Crouch Button

    Magic - You get twice as much magic from pickups.

    The one know bug I have spotted is that the first enemy of level 3 does not seem to work. It works when you test level three by itself but when you play each level together it doesn't work. Anyway I will get that sorted as soon as. Oh and the music is a bit funky

    Enjoy - Forbidden Forest

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