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  • well not really a construct creation, but I actually my first version of this one was created in C2, now it's just HTML with basic canvas for cropping and applying filters to photos.

    to the point, FoodShares is my new cool and simple Android app dedicated to sharing photos of food with your friends (in-app friends and Facebook friends through uploading photos to FB).

    shameless self advertising, but you know, everybody loves a good eat ;)

    thanks for your attention and goodbye :)

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  • for now i don't have android but the ideas looks good ^^ put some videos on you tube and on the google play because most of users download the apps after they see the video also put some more things in Description try to almost say everything so people will read it and don't get lost also they will rate if there something missing or they didn't find it and so on...

    good luck ^^

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