FNWaC 1 PC Edition being removed!

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  • That's right. I'm removing FNWaC 1 the PC Edition from the arcade. Lately I've been getting complaints on how the game won't load but yet the mobile version loads. I tried my best to fix it but I couldn't. So I'm removing it from the arcade. Besides, the mobile version is doing a lot better.

    There will still be a .capx file, though. I can be found here: [http://fivenightswithacow.weebly.com/]

    But unless someone helps me with this problem, I'm keeping the game off the arcade for good.

    That is all.

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  • You should keep such topics and news to your website/newsfeed/blog where people who follow your games will have an interest in learning about those things.

    That will also allow you to keep all the informations centered, rather than spreading them over the web and unrelated topics.

    (Consider game discussions are discussions about games that weren't made with C2 whereas the current forum is about those games that were made with C2)

  • Ok, I guess

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