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  • Hello All,

    I have just finished a proof of concept demo for a game I am building called Fluxation. It is a space based tower defence game with a random event selector and text adventure mechanic.

    <img src="http://www.tilleydesign.co.uk/fluxation/fluxlogopic.png" border="0">

    The game is currently built with a width of 1024x800 so i cant put it on the arcade just yet. But you can play test the game here:


    I haven't included instructions in the game but its fairly easy to get to grips with. It all mouse controlled with left clicks. When the game starts there will be boxes at the bottom of the page you spend research points (shown as a resource in the planet) on the boxes to buy the turret or special ability. If the button is green it means you have sufficient coins to buy it (coins shown in the planet) then if you have some energy you can buy a turret. If you dont have enough energy for the turret it wont appear.

    Finally all but one of the turrets can be moved by clicking on and holding down the mouse to move them around. Also there is a crosshair in the middile of the screen which you can use to aim if there are no ships on screen that the turrets auto target. Some turrets auto target enemies and some dont.

    Simply put defend the planet from invaders. At present i only have about 4 or 5 events the game randomly selects, but if you can get a score of over 10,000 then you will get to face off against the 'boss' which is practically impossible to defeat.

    I intend to add a lot more to this game including new artwork, more resources, music and a lot more in game options but wanted to get some feedback on the concept.

    This demo starts you off with more energy, coins and research points than you would normally so you can test out more of the turrets in a game.

    Hope you like.

  • link not working...

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  • sorry my bad link fixed.

    I just played my test version, and i managed to get to the boss twice over... and died with score of 216,445. Also i saw that when the refugee wave occured sometimes it glitches if you let them come to your planet to live.

    Anyway hope people like it, please give feedback and thoughts :)

  • ill test for sure when i get home

  • I loved the patterns the bullets made - some rollover boxes/descriptions for each icon would be cool - I figured it out by trial and error but not sure what the stuff on the right did.

    Looking forward to seeing it develop, especially the sounds. :)

  • the button on the right are split into two groups, top 5 are more powerful turrets, the bottom 5 are special abilities that cost money to increase shields, multiplyer, energy and set of nukes and other abilities in orbit to kill enemies. But unless you get lucky with the random events for extra research you would be hard pressed to get them. As the amount of waves increases it will get easier to reach those abilities.

    I will be adding rollover/hover info to the icons and also a quickie tutorial that explains it when you start the game. Making it easier to pickup and play :) Hopefully.

  • A little update today Version 0.02 now available:



    Added version number to main menu (make sure it says version 0.02 alpha, otherwise reload)

    Fixed several bugs in the existing waves so they all work as supposed to.

    More updates coming soon.

  • Hey All,

    After a little time away from this game, I am coming back to it, though I am changing it up quite a bit, same artstyle but a slightly different game, you will control a ship travelling through unknown space areas rather than defend a planet from incursions.

    Hope to have something to show everyone in the next week or so.

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