FlipSide - Opposites Unite!

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  • Developer of Mobile-Hit “Psych” releases new game “FlipSide”!


    Opposites unite!

    Split your attention and take control of two opposed characters simultaneously.

    Put your hand-eye coordination to the test and bounce your way through a progressively more

    challenging obstacle course!

    How long can you survive?


    – Endless challenge

    – 20 unique themes to unlock

    – Simple, intuitive controls

    – Minimalist, clean art style

    – Online Highscore

    – Achievements

    – Facebook and Twitter integration

    Release Information:

    Android: 07.03.2016

    iOS: 05.04.2016

    Price: Free2Play with optional Ads and IAP's

    Platforms: Android/iOS

    Media Assets:


    Apple App Store game link:


    Google Play game link:

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... r.flipside

    Past Experience:

    I’m Christian Baumgartner, an independent game developer based in Vienna/Austria.

    After I had worked in the games industry for 7 years I eventually came to a point where I was ready to realize my dream to start working on my very own games.

    After my first game "Psych" was a big success, it's time to see if my second game, FlipSide, manages to keep up with Psychs success.

    FlipSide was developed in collaboration with the great Varga Erno Szilard!

    Don't hesitate to ask in case you have any questions.



  • Very impressive! I loved the use of creativity. Loved it!

  • Very impressive! I loved the use of creativity. Loved it!

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi!

    Congrats for your game, it's really cool and fun.

    I saw you are using video ads to continue with Unity Ads. Do you have any tutorial for this? I saw the unityads plugin in the Cocoon.io dashboard but I don´t know how to start.

    Thank you and congrats again!

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  • Hi Ofris, just saw your reply. Didnt get a notification.

    However, For Unity Ads I used the cranberry Unity plugin. For Admob the Cocoon plugin.

    I strongly recommend cranberry plugins since it gives you a lot more flexibility.

    Just PM me if you need any details

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