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  • a 2d side scroller inspired by flappy bird


    please comment below your thoughts and possibly idea for improvement

    i am implementing online multiplayer later on

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  • From the youtube video, it looks like you can play the game blindfolded! Looks like from the video the score doesn't work. I also think it is a bit too much like the original, except that it is waaaaay easier.

  • Forgetting the fact that the 'Flappy Bird' concept has been done to death, I think your app needs an entire makeover. I'd start with cleaning up the graphics. I'm not sure what program you're using, but it looks like MS Paint. I recommend GIMP (if you need a free program) or Adobe Photoshop (if you can afford it). Flappy Bird at least looked polished, but this app has a ways to go to reach "completed" status. Also, the challenge is nonexistent here. Make the bars closer to one another so the player has a smaller gap to pass through, speed it up, and increase the gravity a bit. Add something unique to the game as well. There are a few out there that allow the player to get "powerups" when they reach certain milestones, and there are other games that change the character's appearance after they've reached a milestone. Consider that there are hundreds of Flappy Bird knockoffs all trying to become "the next big thing", so do something that places your game at the top of the pack.

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