Flappy Cow (v1 r2)

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  • So, this is my first Construct 2 game - I actually made all the base mechanics in the framework "Phaser", but after switching to Construct 2, I decided to do a little more with both gameplay and graphics. It remains a very, very simple game though... ^_^



    Crits and comments are of course very welcome; I've drawn the graphics in Photoshop (using pen tool mostly), and the cow "walking cycle" is also just made in Photoshop.

    It's of course a free game.

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  • Nice work!

  • Thanks

    I've updated a bit here and there - optimizations...

    And I've also added a screendump to my original post, so it's easier for ppl to preview what it is.

  • Great game!

  • Yeah, uh, unlike some other people here, I didn't think this was very good. Rather amateurish, actually. There isn't even much of a reason to play this, since most people are sick of Flappy Bird already.

    Perhaps the biggest issue with this game is the bad collision detection. It seems that you do it by bounding box rather than by pixel: i.imgur (dot) com/xXowLJY.png

    Overall: 0.5/5

  • Overman >

    Yes, the collision is indeed bounding box; I didn't know about polygon detection before lately; construct 2 doesn't feature pixel-level collission detection, but I'm adjusting the polygon detection now.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Update:

    Aaaahhh I found out that the polygon I'd made for the collission detection, wasn't used in any of the other frames for the cow (it consists of a simple 5-frame animation).

    The game is now updated, and minor things have been redesigned to look a little less amateurish.

    The link is the same as in my first post.

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