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  • Hi everyone! I just released my third game (Flap or Die) on GooglePlay. I�ve realized it has some similar elements to the popular game Flappy Bird. I recently became aware that game last week. (No I don�t live on a deserted Island)

    I want some contructive critisism on my game (it�s FREE)and your opinion on if it indeed is a Flappy Bird clone. I appreciate all comments and inputs.


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  • I've tested it, my feedback:

    -The controls are not the same, in flappy bird, each "on touched" make the wings flap ony once, here, it is more like a jetpack joyride controls (keep the touch to fly), I think it is better

    -I like the graphics, but the fps were unstable, and I was on a samsung galaxy tab 3

    -The splash screen of ludei is not your fault, so I won't comment that

    -overall, I liked it but the framerate was a problem

    Not a flappy bird clone since it is less about reflexes

    Still the same concept though, but you did a fun little game, also I just spotted the upgrades, nice touch

  • Thanks for the input. I have noticed the occasional drop in framerate but I have not found what is causing it. I�t started at the end of the development. Could an ad banner cause it? Anyway, thank you for trying it out. I need the feedback.

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