First Work -Dragon Flight 2-

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  • Hello Guys, I'm in Korea novice programmers to be

    I'm not good at English and not getting the help of Google Translator.

    About this tool for about a week .....

    Easily create a game day, too fun to 1-2 hours per've made.

    Graphic resources, Korea's Dragon Flight Game writer and

    Space Shooter variants of the basic example of the source you wrote.

    This game because of the constraints of the Free Edition to try to finish up here.

    This was very interesting and meaningful tools and experience.

    Want you to try your favorite game ^ ^

    ^ ^ And hope to be a private server because the traffic ranking pages overheating, so I understand, wondering if any, comments or contact

    Image Click!

  • Keyboard

    ? ? ? ? - Character Control

    Space - Power Shot


    Click Click~

    IOS, Android

    Touch Touch~

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  • nice. very classic shooter'ish.... i always sucked at them :D

    I'm also very jealous. I'm working on a dragon game, but..

    Being a non artist, I have my daughter doing the art design with scans. She's not a proffesional and it's clear. But it's a project we are working on together :D

    Anyways it's great :D keep it up

  • I like the artwork of the game; it's very cool.

    Good job on the game!

  • Very Cool! Great Job!

  • excellent game !!!

  • I like the art. Very nice. :)

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