First work published on the play store, familiarizing yourself with the complexities.

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  • So after using Construct 2 for about 1 month, I halted my original project because I wanted to get familiarized with the "whats possible and what isn't"s of publishing anything through Construct 2 to the Play store. Here's my analysis so far:

    - I used explained very nicely here(

    - The apk required signing (which I had no idea of). Fortunately it wasn't much of a hassel. I downloaded this software that made apk signing key files ( All I had to do was give it an Alias and some minor details and it made a .jks key file (which I used in to sign my apk)

    - Integrating ADs was the mot frustrating part. I tried enhance, cocoon ADs with canvas plus and the defauld AdMob plugin. Initially, nothing worked. Later when I planned on publishing it without ADs anyway, I forgot to remove the AdMob (defaut plugin) codes, which had the ad ID attached, from my file. After publishing it the Play Store, it worked all well and good. There were some bug I fixed and updated. (note that I had lost all hope in adverts) When suddenly the interstitial ADs I had integrated started working out of nowhere. I don't know what made it work but I can say that the default plugin for AdMob work perfectly fine (in my case, some factor delayed it's working for a few hours but that is all).

    - Lastly, publishing it through Google Console was the easiest. There are a LOT of step-to-step guides on YouTube, I followed one aswell.

    My app, do give it a try:

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  • One thing I forgot. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't make the android game show the custom fonts (which were showing up in the construct 2 debugging). I tried the "make a fonts folder" thing and a few other techniques but nothing helped. I would be glad if someone could help me in that.

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