My first prototype: Learning Japanese Hiragana

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  • Hi Constructors,

    I just want to showcase my first and simple prototype game.

    This game is a tool for learning Japanese Hiragana.

    Users will be able to set a number of characters to learn or take as a test.


    Let me know what you think on this game.

    Any comments, feedback are very much welcome.



  • Looks pretty good so far, although I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. The kana pictures on the learning mode should probably be bigger - there's quite a bit of wasted space there. It would also be cool if the learning screen had an option to move through the kana automatically.

    2. The test mode is a little slow - it would be better if it went to the next kana immediately after ejecting the previous one, to keep the pace up. In addition, it would be more convenient if you could enter the transliteration of the kana by pressing the enter key from the text box instead of clicking the button.

    Anything that helps people learn Japanese is great in my opinion, so keep it up!

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  • Thank you for a very good feedback "linkman2004".

    I can surely implement that fixes easily as I start loving Construct 2 now and I learned many things based on this game.

    Actually I tried adding an event for ENTER key but it doesn't work while the input textfield is in focused.

  • very good. but on the test, i didn't know straight away whether i had gotten it correct. i see now that it goes left for correct or right for false, could use a tick/cross display or some text or audio feedback.

    also you know what would be cool but a lot of work, if you could play the pronunciation of the characters in learn mode

  • Thanks fluke939". That should be the best way to make this game complete.

    I will do that.

  • Link updated with some updates on the game.

  • ???????

  • Where was this 25 years ago? Haha, I made similar program on my AMstrad 6128.

    Are you going add katakana and Kanji?

  • Hi czar,

    Yes, I will add complete Hiragana and Katanaka by adding a switch button feature. It include characters like kya, kyu, kyo :) Kanji might be in another Game which includes numbers.

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