Here is my first Google Play game release, Archer Vs Archer.

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  • Here is my first Google Play game release, Archer Vs Archer.

    It's Andriod only at the moment ... .www&hl=en

    Would love to know how it's running on phones and any creative feedback would be awesome.



  • Hi HowieMonster I downloaded your game to my android LG G2. The graphics make me smile. They are crazy low-res, but I like the time put into the animations i.e. pulling out an arrow and drawing it back, bodies splitting in half. It took me a second to understand the slowing down of delta time, but it became apparent after shooting the other teams arrows. That's a cool idea for versus play. Good humor in the speech bubbles. Nice choice of terrain to play on. Simple and fun. Ran real well on the phone. I'd like to see a variety of characters to choose and a variety of weapons introduced if future development is planned. Good Job!

  • Nice!

  • Cheers guys thanks for the feedback. Nice idea having more character choices and weapons, I will get on that. Glad it ran well. Not sure how to make the delta time thing more understandable, maybe I could put in prompts or something?

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  • This is a really cool concept. I like the art and the simplicity in the game and would love to see continued development. I think it would be cool if it were a bit faster (though maybe this is due to my phone? I tested it on a Galaxy S5 so I'm assuming there shouldn't be any slowdown). I too had some difficulty understanding the delta time thing since there's nothing that mentions it anywhere that I could find. The game also doesn't seem to have an exit button.

    The controls feel really good when shooting as well, though since there doesn't seem to be anything else the player would need to interact with aside from their own archer, I think it may be better if the player could hold and drag anywhere on the screen to control the angle/trajectory of the arrows. That way they aren't always having to reach over to the archer to shoot, and can more easily see where and how far they're shooting, especially given that this is all happening in real time and you have to be conscious of where you're standing when arrows are coming at you.

    That said, this is really cool and I hope you keep adding to it!

  • Thanks for the great feedback. Firing from any point on the screen would really help things i think. Would really help in the running version too. Thanks SVEDEN11. I'll have a look into the slow down, see what's taking up cpu time.

  • That's awesome! Very, very cool! I look forward to your next game)

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