My first Game With construct 2

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  • Hi!

    I wanted to share with you my first game with Construct 2

    probably not my last.

    It still WIP, but I would really like to have some feedbacks.

    So feel free to try and comment!

    It's a facebook game.

    For now, it the only way it really works, I wanted to try some things.

    I couldn't figure out yet how the facebook score works...

    and the friends score, so if anyone have a tutorial, or can tell me how to make it work, it would be great!

    I've put an online score with a sql database using Ajax, so the game recognize you when you come back, and you can accumulate points.

    Hope you enjoy !

    Christmas Rush

    I will submit it for the funchowder contest (Christmas Time, is gift reclaim time!!)

  • cute! I like it. the only thing that confuses me is it tells me it missed a house, but it looks like the present hits the house and it sends up a red heart, which i'm assuming is the score indicator. it's a good start, though. Cheers!

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  • Well, if there was a heart, then, you didn't miss the house.

    You must have missed another one.

    Or you didn't send enough gift to the house.

    Thanks for the comments !

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