My first game completed just waiting for publish

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  • To say the truth isn't my first game but it's the first one that i'm the owner. I'm just waiting the approval from to say 'the game is published'. Until then I'd like to know your first impressions.


    Game info:

    Letters will drop, select them to form words or acronyms and score. The game ends when is not more possible drop letters. The game just recognize words in english. I got the words from Oxford dictionary so, if it's there and not in the game let me know .

    Thanks .

  • I think replacing the Comic Sans with any simple custom spritefont would drastically improve the game aesthetic. The game is simple and not too difficult as you can spam short words and span it out indefinitely. Also, there is zero reason for the tiles to be falling down and stacking as adjacent letters do nothing and there is nothing to gain from strategically selecting letters to use up to get other letters adjacent so my advice would be to either make the adjacent tiles have a purpose or just to have the tiles fade in at random. I think the game could become pretty good if you go for a minimal approach like 2048 in terms of aesthetics and maybe shrink the board a bit to ramp up the difficulty. Good luck.

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  • yaomon17

    Indeed the game is super easy. I'm trying to feel how much easy a casual game should be. Thanks for the advices.

  • Nice game!

  • It's good man. Solid idea, solid production.

    Could do with some better audio feedback when you select letters and the like. I'm not a big fan of casual style games but I still played this for a while and I bet the market you are going for will really enjoy it.

  • Ridz

    I really encorauge you to programming cause IMHO, this game with only construct 2 at the moment is harder than programming + c2. I had to create 2 plugins to made this game. One for generate random letters and another to search inside a dictionary. Also, I had to create a dictionary(actually I extracted the words from Oxford Dictionary). If you become interested in programming... at github:, look for randomLetterGenerator and patriciaDictionary. They are the core of my plugins.


    Thanks for the feedback.

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