My first game - a 5th birthday present

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  • Hi All,

    I came across construct 2 quite by accident and have had a little play over the past week or so. My twin daughters turn 5 this weekend so I've put together a little game for them I think they will have fun with. I'd appreciate if you have a look:

    There's a few little things still to work out, and for some reason this upload has messed up text when you use the minion madness special, but overall I think it's turned out not to bad.

    One thing I would like to achieve is have the sound fx fire only every 5th time or so that they pick up a coin. Is that something to do without adding another counter in explicitly for it?



  • also seems I have no sound in Internet explorer.....and the Kaylee Bomb option is still available after I use Minion Madness and have no more hearts. Another release tomorrow I think...

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  • Hi thebody,

    Cool birthday present, I'm sure your girls will love it :)

    It's probably best to use a variable for triggering sound fx. Just set up your sound trigger event, so that it only fires when your variable = 5. Then add 1 to the variable on every coin pick up. Don't forget to set the variable back to zero once the sound has been triggered, then it should start over again.

    Good luck, and I hope your daughters have a wonderful birthday!

    Edit: just saw your second post :( I was using Chrome and it all seemed fine there!

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