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  • Hello, so I finally got my first game out, its terrible, low quality, but I used it to learn C2 and GET SOMETHING out to market, as you read all over the net, you aren't a game developer until someone is playing your game. So, well I am not one yet :) but I got a game out, more to come.

    Anyhow I put a simple one level breakout clone on the Chrome Store free, "Dual Battle", search for it give me your feedback. The twist I threw in there was a second paddle at the top of the screen, I haven't seen that before so thought hey that could be interesting.

    Take a look please comment I know it has bugs and isn't pretty to look at but I needed to get something out to build my desire that I can actually make something and keep at this and build more and better down the road.

    Also wanted to see if I could take an idea from Zero to Store and if so then C2 is for sure worth my money and will make the BUY later today. Ashley and Tom keep up the work, you have an excellent platform and I am excited to see what comes next.

    I am going to post the .capx, nothing in there that you can steal all really basic and probably poorly done. But would appreciate any of your comments on how to do X better.

    Link to Dropbox:

    (I am new to using dropbox for sharing files and posting images, if I did this worn or it doesn't work, please educate me. Thanks)

    Thank you

    Brett Moyer

  • I like this project, congrats jbmoyer!!

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  • The two bars is a good idea. Continue on it!

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