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  • Here is a link Swing

    Controls are the arrow keys. Left, Right and Up controls the orange guys movements. If you bump into the small grey ball at the end of the swinging rope, the orange guy stays attached until you press the down arrow. You finish a level by moving the orange guy to the stone ledge in the upper right corner. There is no music yet.

    Let me know what you think.

  • Hi, I would say that what we have here now is just testing out what you can do with construct2, so I can't really say much at this point, your game just doesn't have much content yet, but after you change couple of things and add this and that, this game could become enjoyable to play.

    I will list some things you could improve.

    Controls are a bit weird, it would be better if you could just keep button pressed down, now you have to keep hitting them.

    Game screen is so high it doesn't fit on my 800px high sreen.

    you could add function that you can't finish the level before you have collected all yellow balls.

    you could also add different things on levels, now just position of yellow balls is different.

  • Well this game is a work in progress for sure and I do think it has potential to be fun. I just posted the game because I needed some guidance to push me in the right direction. I think your ideas will help in the next version.

    Thanks for the input.

  • its good

  • Hey rfisher,

    Couldnt seem to get the ball to attach the the swing, my experience of your game was hit the up arrow like a maniac. couldnt get him to the platform in the corner.

    Are you happy with the the way the ball is moving at the moment?

  • Gave it a try, same thoughts as Genki really, I couldnt really control the movement of the ball at all, it just did whatever it wanted and my input didnt have much effect.

    Other than that its not to bad for a first game i think with a few tweeks could be alright :)

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  • Hi rfisher,

    I tried your game and I had the same experience than AJTilley and GenkiGenga. I had the impression that the ball was not responding to the controls. I will suggest as Blue Hare said, to simplify the controls. Maybe, no need to push every time the buttons but only pressing the button should be easier.

    I know your game is still in progress so keep up the work man. It's good for a first try. I will stay tuned as much as possible to see your progress. Feel free to try also my game and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature.

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