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  • Note the experiment contain images of bikini clad women and the experiment is for 16 years of age and over!! (or under parental guidance)

    So the purpose was to test a theory I heard about.

    When choosing heads or tails on a coin, the probability of choosing heads is 50% or vice versa.

    But studies have shown that if the images trigger some in built emotion or strong urge then you can increase this percentage of getting/guessing/predicting the right choice.

    So in this case we have young suitable girls for 'mating' and an old unsuitable woman. So based on the theory after a practice run (to get use to the idea) your chances of choosing a young girl will increase to about 54%, i.e due to attraction/urge the younger girls image trigger within you, your powers of prediction will increase.

    (There is no nudity just scantilty clad women, no more different to what we see on tv, music videos everyday)

    No need to login in this test version.

    Click Here to Play

    online highscores to see other peoples results

    a dummy round where we test our theory by using simple images which will not trigger any emotion or urges.To be added:

    Let me know your feedback and also your accuracy result.

    If you want to test the theory right now. Toss a coin 10 times and guess heads or tales. Then see how many you guessed right. Then play the game and compare your score to the game score, to see if you get a better score (accuracy>50%)

  • 6/10. I thought my 6th sense was pretty good too, lol.

    Its an interesting/crazy theory :) can you link me to any of the studies?

    How are you going in terms of results? Are you still collecting data?

  • 6/10. I thought my 6th sense was pretty good too, lol.

    Its an interesting/crazy theory :) can you link me to any of the studies?

    How are you going in terms of results? Are you still collecting data?

    It was on cable last week on one of the discovery channels... :) I think it was a program hosted by Morgan Freeman, it was going on all about different dimensions as well. If my memory serves me right...? It wasn't Through the wormhole i don't think anyway.

  • I'm definitely over the age of 16 to the extent that I should not really be participating in such studies. I got 7/10. LOL.

    I'm not sure if I have a good 6th sense, or I was just lucky.

  • WOW.

    First try: I got 4/10.

    Second: 6/10

    Third: 6/10

    Fourth: 6/10

    Fifth: 6/10

    So, I got the same results quite often. Does that mean I think about hot girls all the time ? If it is the case, that means it's true XD. Every time I thought the pic changed its side, I was wrong XD.

    Nevertheless, I will suggest to make the end last longer. I think it's too fast and we might miss our score if we don't pay attention. By the way, If you have time, try also my game and leave me some comments. I will appreciate man.

  • Pron? XD

    I havent seen kind of taboo in HTML5 game, maybe you should to make new one and get popular XD

  • Seriously? What a terrible waste of your time.

    Edit: If you can't say something nice, or at least constructive, don't say anything at all... So even though I think the idea behind this is insultingly absurd, here's some constructive criticism: The countdown slows it down too much, it gets boring, make it quicker. At the end of a round, chart the persons score and let them keep playing a new round so you can see if there's an actual improvement after several rounds. Also, have a version with hot guys in it that you can choose at the start, not every person who uses a computer is a heterosexual guy.

  • its the first version, i will add test with no women to test the null hypothesis. if you get 6/10 then this agrees with the studies. it was on discovery channel through the wormhole.

    there has to be a countdown to fit in with the studies as it was something to do with 5 seconds.

    il add few extra choices.

    the whole idea is that once you know what yo expect your subconcious mind or six sense will kick in and increase your chance of finding the 'reward'

    the only way to test this is to compare score from different rounds, so we have a round with no women or 'reward' and compare that to when we add the 'reward' so il add highscores

  • just updated this. Ive taken out the picture of the older woman as i didnt want to cause any offence. replaced a few images. Added a 'null' level so you can compare the two different results. It will keep running average results for both levels. Decreased the countdown time to 3 seconds

  • First time I got 90%! Is that good? <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    On a scientific note, I don't believe in a sense in this manner, especially through a computer! But I would be interested in any results gathered. Just to see. So my doubt might affect the process! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Just an idea, don't know why I thought of it. Must be my game developer side saying make it as compatible as possible. Make the sexual one have either an attractive woman or a man. At the beginning people input their gender and orientation (right word?) and then display a man and woman under the images. Then Heterosexual men would consider women good and men bad. Homosexual men would consider men good and women bad. Heterosexual women would consider men good and women bad. Homosexual Women would consider women good and men bad. And I haven't though about Bisexuals. Or Asexuals. Sorry just an idea! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • i cant now, ran out of events, i realised the 100 event limit just now. I already got a HTML5 designer, different to this, which im use to. I like this too as its got somegood features, but unless i win the free licence competition, il have to stick with the free version just for simple games or apps.

    ok, changed the images to have couples, something for everyone, black, white, celebrity etc..

    This was also done as I released this as an app and had to make the images more suitable for global audience.

    Search "The Six Sense Test 1" on the android market

    or see here

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