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  • Hello everyone,

    Wanted to show you my first project using this amazing tool ^^

    It's the first game i don't have to rely on coders and can actually do graphics and functions at the same time. Been on the project activelly working for a month on free times but started it almost 3 months ago. My aim its to make it work on browsers, ipad an iphones and so far works smoothly on the 3 systems :D

    (Image looks worse than it actually is ^^)

    <img src="" border="0">

    Graphics are from an old version of the game i was working on 7 years ago and gotta rework them a lot. Interface its just to make all work, but the core of the game mechanic its almost "coded".

    Hope you like it and would be pleased if you give me some feedback about it ^^

  • Hey Donan,

    Looks pretty good, I like the variety of gameplay. Boss fight was cool. Fire is OP! :)

    Two things that stood out to me (and I might be alone in the first one) was the flashing effect when you get hit. Its set to flash at a slow speed - I think I would prefer it if the player ship didnt flash at all when hit.

    The second was when you beat the stage in space it kind of just jumps straight to another environment - would be much cooler if you faded the screen first or had some kind of transitional layout.

    The rest of it looks pretty fun IMO - looking forward to playing it.

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  • Thx GenkiGenga :D

    Adjusted the flashing to be faster like in the old games and added a webgl tint slightly red. Did the flashing on your ship because its hard to notice you got hit on iphone and other small screen size devices.

    Totally agree about your second suggestion. Wanted to make a small cutscene between worlds.

    Didnt show spinning shoot attack from bosses in the video to avoid spoilers of some features :D

    About the flamethrower, its really strong but it takes a lot of mp and leaves you uncovered vs some upcoming mobs attacks. Right not there are too much drops and this weapon its easy to charge, but im working on the diff levels to make good drops be lowered while advancing maps.

  • It looks good in terms of gameplay!

    I can't say I love the graphics though..

  • I had a feeling that was what the flash was about. Red tint sounds like a good alternative!

    That flame thrower did look fun, good thinking to have drawbacks. Keep up the good work :)

  • Didnt have much time last few months, but added a small demo to test the gameplay here with some new features:

    Comments are welcome ^^

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