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  • Even it is more of a test than a actual game, I still it looks pretty good. Admittedly, the "3D" background could have been better animated :p

    Some of the objects and sprites have appeared in previous games I've made. :D

    ====Player's Controls====

    Move ----------------- Arrow Keys

    Shoot ---------------- (Hold) Space

    Launch Missile ------- Z


    ====Enemy's Controls====

    Fire Destructible Bullets - 1

    Launch Homing Missiles ---- 2

    Fire Circle of Bullets ---- 3


    Try the game HERE!

    Tell me what you think!

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  • Hey man, your work has really interesting things on it!

    The background is really good, but, I think it doesn�t have a perfect loop, it has a little jump in it�s transitions.

    Otherwise, I don�t like this type of games (space inspired ones) too much, but yours have an interesting look. The only thinks I think you have to improve is the explosion effects (those fire ball doesn�t fit with the rest at all) and maybe, the ship�s blue explosion moment (it�s not bad, but I think the rest of object are look better than it).

    Very very nice work with the object and effects. Keep on!

  • Really liked the 3d sprite effects ;]

    Keep doing it!

  • yeah, nail the backgound to loop properly and you could have a nice effect there. The fx are good for starters, lasers look and act like lasers, plasma bulbs act like...I guess plasma bulbs should. I've never seen a space ship shoot arrows but, maybe it's a very esoteric future in space?

    So you've got some building blocks, do something with it!

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