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Jump over the small square and avoid hitting it as long as you can!
  • Hello everybody, okay?

    I did my first big game, and wanted the opnion of you. He saw a lot of work, hauhauahuah. The name of the game is Mag?, and has only one stage so far.

    This is my second game made with the program, I am very excited, really wanted to do more games, but have little time. This was done during my vacation.

    Now I try to put the game on the touch version.

    Link game Mag?: Mag?

    Even more personal.

  • very good game, smooth and well done, i like the art style tool. keep making it

  • Very nice game filippileonardo, real professional. I really like the art style, and your web page. Did you make all the graphics? It must have taken forever.

    You should make a version for the scirra arcade that should be a featured game.

    Are you sure that's your first game? I wish I could make something that good. Keep building onto it. Awesome job. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Filippileonardo :) well done! That was nice to play.

    The effort you put into making the game smooth really paid off. I love the way the game teaches you the controls. The effects on the wand are great. The stage itself was pretty well thought-out. The music and sounds are good. Website presentation is awesome! 9 out of 10 for me.

    My one criticism is the background elements. (Dont get me wrong, it looks really appealing, your placement of the objects is perfect) - however graphically it was a little too close to Mario bros for me, while the foreground on the other hand was very sonic-like.

    Im guessing that time was the main reason for this, so regardless of my last comment - fantastic job! :)

  • Yes nice work, but how do you talk to the guy on the left? When I'm around him seems like a speech bubble appears, but how to talk to him?

  • Very good job,

    I love it!!! It?s so cute when the little magician double jumps and his dress blows up.

    Go on with the game, I want to see more!!!


  • Beautiful!

    Music is very good. Nice graphics. Especially the flying magi, the clouds and the mouse-spirit.

  • Thank you for the compliments people, I spent a lot for this game, I hope that yields good results. I put a version of the game Scirra Arcade, I am awaiting approval. Must be in the air today. I'll answer some questions:

    Wink: It was my first game, it's my second game, but it was my first big game. What I really applied myself. My first game is this:

    GenkiGenga: All graphics on my site it was I who drew yes, I love to draw, and it helps make the game.

    Geo: The old wizard only speaks of the magical thief, they do not talk like RPG.

    Unfortunately it will take a while for the second phase, the challenges, enemies ... I work all day. Maybe one day I start working in this area.

    Thank you guys for the compliments, I will dedicate myself even more in the coming games =)

  • Wow! This is cool! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I really like the way the player character jump/fly through the game <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> . And the art style is very nice.

    I wish you all the best for your future work.

  • Hey man! Well done!

    I like your design, style of game, real cool, and the music is pretty good too. the backgrond seems to get a idea of mario... but real cool made.

  • Very well made platformer, I hope you can continue with it!

    Mandou benza�o! ;-)

  • Impressive, great inspiration.

    I feel good looking my compatriots doing nice games, thought only one was using C2 for professional projects ^^

  • Hello everybody, okay?

    I just got home from work, and I'm seeing the opnion of you. Thank you for the compliments, and advice. So what can I start the second phase.

    The game is already here in Scirra Arcade, check out:

    Hugs to all =)

  • How cool Filippi, good job! Hope you get the time to include more levels. I liked your illustrations too, very cute stuff.

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  • Great job! BTW, I dunno if it's a glitch, but when you finish the stage and enter the tower thing, you can still use magic by pressing C.

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