First Android release - Crazy Wings (not a flappy clone lol)

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  • Hello all. Well I have finally got a game out there. Its nothing too deep but its a fun little game that has seen only positive feedback in trails. You basically pilot a plane, touch and hold to pitch up, release to dive. The aim of the game is to fly into balloons to score points while avoiding oncoming air traffic. Its quite a challenging game and I would really appreciate anybody who wants to check it out.

    The lite version is available here

    Thanks all!

  • I guess you are Nick and your sister or wife is Laura

  • I guess you are Nick and your sister or wife is Laura

    Hehe what makes you think that ?

  • I just looked at 2 first ratings

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  • I have no shame

    Laura is both my sister and wife...Don't judge!

    Disclaimer: that's a joke.

  • Meh.. heaps of devs throw $$ at marketing sites to give them "real" (FAKE) ratings and reviews. It's how you get on the google search listing. I am repeatedly told marketing is more important than making a good game.

    OP: good effort! Least its not a flappy clone hehe

  • I am repeatedly told marketing is more important than making a good game.

    This is certainly true from what I am seeing with this. I made the age old mistake of believing you can put up a half decent game on the play store (because you see so much tosh charting highly) and it would get a decent user base with ease. Seems not. I am currently sitting at circa 30 downloads and every single one of those I worked for, I don't believe any are organic finds via the store itself.

    Whats frustrating is while I am not foolish to believe Crazy Wings is anything special everybody I have forced to play it appreciated it and insisted on trying to better their score. I think there is no doubt a game needs hype to make people download it, without it... you don't have a cat in hells chance!

    On the flappy bird clone thing, I have to admit that this grew from the question "how can I make flappy bird deeper and more fun?"

    I really need to get the social sharing stuff working, I had to pull it from the release as my homebrew service I was running to ping sharing to FB wasn't quite working. My solution revolved around calling a URL with the browser object that then, from my server did the FB posting via a PHP script. If I can get that PHP script working beautifully smoothly Ill share it with the community as it currently seems the only way to do social sharing from a mobile device.

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