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An interesting platform adventure game. If you are looking for a very easy template to create your own Super mario.
  • Update: added a double jump feature to help avoid cheap deaths...

    Update2: added Tutorial balloons that appear when idle, added a progressive difficulty growth, reworked the sound engine (see PoisonPage's Sounds with Functions Tutorial!), added Pause, Mute (working on saving settings), some visual cues/new graphics, and a bunch of bug fixes!

    Update3: added custom loader, Fireskies branding and jingle, weapon/shield level indicators, 100 coin health refill/weapon level boost, Mute setting saves, and a few minor bug fixes.

    Update4: added 100 coin health refill/weapon level boost SFX, added high score SFX, rebuilt Shield weapon for player and enemy, a few minor bug fixes.

    Hey Guys, just wanted to finally share what I've been working on: Super Tobu Adventures!

    <img src="" border="0">

    It's a simple vertical platformer that plays a little bit like a shooter. The entire game is controlled with the left mouse button, click to jump, hold to shoot. It may take a couple of attempts before becoming comfortable with the controls. I haven't put in any in-game tutorials yet...

    Access my dropbox here...(link has been disabled to do FGL sponsorship viewing rules)

    I'm starting to get ready to try posting this to FGL but was hoping to get some feedback first. We have this awesome community here and everyone always has such good input. There are some bugs I'm aware of that I'm currently working on, but nothing game breaking (that I'm aware of). I've also not taken the time to preload and reduce volume on the sounds, so not only will they not play immediately the first time, but they'll probably be loud, sorry about this everyone... I'll have that implemented soon, other things have just been more important so far.

    You play as Tobu <img src="" border="0">

    You rescue Tora <img src="" border="0">

    You defeat Barlog <img src="" border="0">

    (or at least you WILL in the FULL version, this demo is simply a high score mode, no boss battle or story)

  • Ok, so I have put together a To-Do list for the things that I know of that need tweaking/changing, but would still love some external feedback/input! Super pretty please?

  • Getting a 404 on the link, mate

  • Wow, thanks for the heads up!! Should be fixed now, might explain the lack of feedback lol, sorry everyone!!

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  • Hey guys, just to let everyone know, as I'm in a hurry to get this posted to FGL, so I'll be taking the link down in a few days, as FGL asks that there not be any playable versions of the game active while sponsors are considering it. So if you want to give it a try, or offer any feedback or criticism, I'd love to hear it, but just know that link will be inactive in a few days. Thanks.

  • The control is not working, some times it jump, some times is shot, also, it is not defined and We don't have a clear tutorial of how to use the control system. BTW, you did a nice game here!

  • Thanks for the input, I've just updated the game, there are a few new additions that I've listed in the initial post, hopefully they help deal with the issues you mentioned!

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