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From the Asset Store
Rat Arena
$100 USD
Try to defeat the enemy rat! Use magic wand, sword and shield.
  • Key & Shield

    | Android/Browser |

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    A lazy guardian angel has released you from your metal cage. You’ve been granted the Key and Shield, which you’ll use to traverse the island and unlock all your friends.

    Key & Shield is a fun and challenging side scroller platformer that merges the best classic elements of the genre with awesome new features and character behaviors. Go with Bogger to rescue the caged Gorliks overpassing all challenges you encounter. It won't be easy!


    Key & Shield 2

    | Android/Browser |

    Play Mobile/Desktop Version


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    (Coming soon...)

    The Gorlik Island is still not safe! A curse is covering it with rocks while many of your friends are still locked in their cages. It's time to take your key and shield again and traverse the new island to definitely unlock all the gorliks!

    Funkin' Arena

    | Android / iOS |

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    Your friends, you, and the Funkin' Arena to battle among yourselves. The original two player tower defense arena.

    1 device = 2 players. Simple, original and fun.

    Funkin' Arena is a different way to enjoy the Tower Defense genre, matching against your friends on a simultaneous 2 player oriented gameplay experience. Manage your defensive strategy while you attack your opponent sending different kind of units. Bogger, Baba, Tempa, Tono... all your favourites Gorliks are waiting for you to join the battlefield.

    MADE FOR TABLETS. Funkin' Arena has been optimized for tablets or big screen mobiles. It is playable in any screen size, but the bigger the screen, the better the game experience.

    New Funkin' Defense

    | Desktop Browser |

    Play in Kongregate

    New Funkin’ Defense purposes tower defense tough stages with a mathematically perfect balance, to challenge intelligent and brave players that love to build efficient strategies and test their skills beating the stages with the higher score.

    Funkin' Taiga

    | Desktop Browser |

    Play in Kongregate

    A big and crazy horde of those damn Gorliks have come deeper into the funkin’ Taiga and they’re approaching these roads.

    We should stop them now. Prepare the defenses!

    Funkin' Defense

    | Desktop Browser |

    Play in Kongregate

    The first gorlik game, a challenging Tower Defense. Waves of Gorliks are aproaching the magic portal. They want to control the power of funky music. Don’t let them! Build towers in their path and destroy them with no mercy!

    Stay tunned! Follow us on facebook!

  • Awesome!

    Great games, cools sounds, music, and art!

  • Really nice mobile games you guys have going there, excellent art style for the market!

  • Thanks guys.


    Music of these patformer ones is specially cool, isn't it?

  • As Nomanis Crew is a paid promotional only game for our campaign on Twitch, i've removed it from the list. Now Key & Shield is playable completely free and with no ads also in Play Store. Enjoy it!

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  • Amazing!!! Which software did you use for graphics design?

  • sivricmarijan Flash/Photoshop

  • Oh

  • - Can't wait for Key & Shield 2! I'm the fan of your first Key & Shield.

  • I really liked Key & Shield! It took a while to get used to the controls but eventually I figured them out. Goals are challenging enough. Can't gold the game through on one go which is very good. Music is great. Graphics are great. Good work! Looking forward to the second one

  • Tetriser Glad to hear you are willing to play also the second part! Actually it's aready finished and the mobile/desktop browser version will be released as soon as the publisher sets the date. Later we'll publish the Play Store version.

    Thanks for the comments man, i specially like the non UI character management we use in this game, but yeah, it could take a little to get used to it, then it gets really smooth. As i said to Tetriser, Key & Shield 2 mobile/desktop browser version should be out soon .

  • Key & Shield 2 desktop/mobile browser version is out! check the link in the opening post. Android version coming soon.

  • How to fullscreen and center game portrait and landscape modes? im still struggling with this

  • jatin1726 well, the layout size is bigger than the window size, so i just export with full screen mode: scale inner option (if i remember) on project settings. The camera is attached to the main character. It takes all the available area in the screen device to render the scene.

    Check this out: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/73/supporting-multiple-screen-sizes

  • Hi,

    I’m Alex from coolmath-games.com. We’re interested in licensing several of your games for our website and mobile site:

    Key and Shield

    Key and Shield 2

    New Funkin Defense

    If you are interested, please PM me here.

    (Sorry I can't send a PM because I do not have enough rep yet!)

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