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  • Hello everybody,

    This is my first game ever. Made with free version of Construct 2 for NewGrounds GameJam. Unfortunately still trying to solve minor bugs on it and when we clear one, bigger one appearing :)

    With great support of Rudi (our first finished game as a team also) we will solve those problems as soon as possible.

    Anyway, lets talk about the game.

    Finjutsu is a reaction time based game. Get his name from Ninjutsu -martial art of ninjas.

    You most probably know famaous 'Finger Slayer' game. I love that game but i feel there is something missing.

    Challenging something with your reflexes is very nice idea but i beleived it will funnier if i can compete with my friends (especially close ones).

    For now it has two game modes;

    Training / Single player mode:

    There is a spot which player will touch there until the light in the middle turns in green.

    At first it countdown from 3 sec. This is getting ready period. You may stop touching the spot so game will wait until you re-touch there.

    Then light become red. This is the important state. There is a randomly assigned timer that we don't see the countdown.

    At the end of the hidden & random countdown, light becomes green. You should be as fast as possible. You lost points every milisecond you touch the spot. Highest score is 1000.

    Duel 2 Death / Two player mode:

    Similar gameplay with single player mode. But this time you are against you friend instead of time.

    First one who lift her/his finger from screen wins that game.

    It's still under developement game. Soon we will have 3 and 4 player versions too.

    More player means more fun.

    But for multiplayer support , especially for small screened devices like phones, we are trying to create best game field design.

    At tablet kind of device or even with Samsung G SIII, screen is big enough to play joyful game with 4 different players.

    Of course there are several coding kind of difficulties 3 & 4 players game. But i believe we will solve that before it takes long.

    You can try the game on NewGrounds website.

    I'm glad to hear you thoughts.

    P.S.: If you have a room/house mate and you both feel lazy to do something and can't decide who to do it.. It's the way you can choose the 'volunteer' :)

    Edit: Link updated

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  • onur

    Firstly, well done in getting your game in so close to the deadline!

    I know the feeling about getting rid of one bug, to only find you've created more bugs. I thought I'd got them all in my Newgrounds entry, but have discovered three so far.

    Anyway, I tested your game on my ipad3 (perfect size for this sort of game). In Safari the training worked okay, but in the main two player game the timer failed to count down which made it unplayable. It worked much better in Chrome though (although on some occasions the game failed to notice that I'd removed my finger from the ipad).

    Well done on completing your first game, and best of luck with the competition

  • Dave Hailwood

    Thank you for review Dave,

    I know that 'some occasions' create problem but couldn't solve yet. Rudi is up to that. I hope we will get rid of that before deadline.

    Good luck to you too.

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