my finished demo V2 of MM point and click

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  • Hello everybody,

    as I am currently limited to the free version of construct 2.

    This will be the last update of this scene of my MM point and click demo.

    I have enjoyed creating it and have learn much by doing so.

    as I have pushed it to 73-78 events adding the interactive inventory and items maybe pushing my luck. ... -1060-5070

    and yes you can die in the demo.. Have fun and enjoy.

    So I will start creating a first person point and click so I can get rid of 20+ events.

    Until such a time as I get a licensed version of construct 2.

    Then I will compile my scene collection and tools to create a fully interactive game.

    Jeremy C.

  • Are you going to include a .capx or something that would allow others to see how you put this together?

  • Really nice!

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  • Are you going to include a .capx or something that would allow others to see how you put this together?

    If you look in the works in progress forum for maniac mansion or mm v2 you will find game design notes where we talked about using moveto plugin vs path finding.

    or by visiting the game it links to that post in the comments along with the interactive inventory system.

  • Nice work!

  • Really nice!

    Thanks for the comment. It was very good learning experience. I enjoyed creating it.

  • Nice work!

    Thanks, I am planning on extending the game design. Not remaking Maniac Mansion, But creating a game like it once I get a C2 licences.

    Currently getting ready to make a first person style point and click as it would be less events to create a full game, Or at least a partial game.

    Maybe I will link scenes that I have created via on click goto url but it would limit interactions to active scene vs being able to take items from other scenes and using them.

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