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  • Hi,

    just wanted to show the first game i released on Google Play using the Intel XDK <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    i chose this game as first release because im not very familiar with the Android export options and wanted to make sure no complicated game events and stuff is involved ... dthefruits

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  • Hi fldr, Its a fun little game and executed well, the idea concept is solid for building memory, and the little faces on the fruit is cute and appealing, with some fun little sounds to go along with the tapping of the fruit you have a solid little game. There are a few things however if you dont mind me giving some constructive crit? First off in the description it says its for kids, I'm not sure how a parent would feel having adverts on a game aimed at such a young audience, as the Adds would be targeted towards the adults phone. Not always Kid friendly. Also as soon as you launch the game a full screen add pops up, which although not a big issue is a little annoying on first entry to a game. And lastly it seems to run with a little bit of lag, and my phone has a snapdragon in it, so not sure what's causing that. One last thing, Not sure whether you are aware or not but the game does not show up if you search for "Find the fruits" it only shows up when you search "Findthefruits". All the best with your C2 endeavours.

  • wow thank you very much for your critic!

    that are all good points you mentioned, youre totally wright with the ads and kids game, i just implemented it so i could test how to do it, but i already blocked most adult content, there should be no flirting, religion, sex, drugs, politics etc., did you see such adds?

    for the sound, the game already has sound but the apk build option i choose doesnt play them :/

    im pretty sure the add's (the preloading of them) are responsible for the lagging, that game it self, without adds and complied to apk normally runs perfect on the cheapest devices i could get my hands on

    thanks again!

  • I had another check ( refreshed and booted up a few times ) and your right it does not appear that any of those adds appear, so good thinking Ah that's a shame about the sounds, but if this is your first game I cant wait to see how you progress on your next few releases, keep it up! As a side note, how easy did you find signing the zip file for google play? Seems every solution I've found is a 20 step process haha!

  • with Intel XDK it is very simple, you just have to check a "Signed" box

    thanks for your kind words but i have to admit, its not really my first game, its only the first one i released by myself on the play store, but i dont have many made yet, only 9 that got finished by now (they arent really worth showing ^^)

  • I've just started using the Intel XDK so will keep an eye out for it, thank you. And keep it up all the same look forward to your future projects.

  • you will find it in the "Projects" tab under the "Build" options

  • Ah yes there it is! Brilliant, thanks so much! Although now my app just runs a black screen on my device, the joys of game dev ey! Anyhow I'll stop spamming your thread now ^_^! Hope more people view your game.

  • Nice work!

  • Thank you!

  • i just added Google Play Leaderboards and persistent local Highscore! now you can compare your skill with people all over the world!

    also removed the banner ads and fixed the close button

    if you have any critics, please let me know them!

    and if you like the game and rate it, i would be very happy

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