Finally, a project I completed: Pac-Man (the remake of a great classic)

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  • Over the years, I've started a slew of projects, never once coming close to something I could call a completed game.

    This time, I set the ambition dial WAY down and made sure I would see it through to the end.

    Lots of challenges arose along the way including the realization that Pac-Man was a much more complex that I first thought.

    - Each ghost has its own AI

    - Different game states: Chase, Scatter, Flee, Eyes (each with their different AI and Speeds)

    - Difficulty levels affect many variable (mostly the comparable speeds of the Ghost and Pac-Man)

    On the technical side, the TileMap presented a major issue for me.

    I wanted to make the wall tiles solid and allow Pac-Man to navigate in the gaps, but that proved very difficult with the TileMap. I will not get into the details, but it took a lot tweaking to get it to work right.

    I really wanted the controls to be very tight. The ability to preset your next direction was a must, but it took me a lot of trial and error to get it just right.

    So please go have a round or two and see if you can make it onto the scoreboard.

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