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    I created this for learning purposes, its a Final Fantasy game.

    You can walk around in the town or go to the overworld and fight in "fake" random battles.

    ASDW to move and J to run (on overworld) or attack (in battle).

    Hope you enjoy it! ^^

    Final Fantasy Example

  • It looks nice from the shot and description! I'll have to give it a look when I get home.

  • Thanks! I would recommend to download the capx since the Arcade resizes it to a tiny size...

  • beautifull game test

  • wow the first rpg example :)) you could make another version with real time combat like zelda thatd bevawesome:0

  • Nice! I loved playing these type of games when i was younger

  • Hey GTGJon, really cool game, brings back some fond memories :)

    Hope you continue with it, would be great to play the finished version!

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  • Thanks everyone! I'll continue working on it, hopefully getting a turn based battle going (and HP and death system).

    If you follow the link to the arcade, you can download the capx and use it if you wanna make RPGs too! ^^

    Edit: So, I added now a simple menu where you can select between Attack, Magic and Items. Magic and items do not exist yet, but I'll add them soon. Now I'm working on the battle system of having more than one character (array and calling functions).

    Forgot to mention, Yann, thanks a lot for making the gridMovement capx, I'm using it practically 1 to 1 in my game.

  • Hi everyone! Thanks to help from xoros I was able to make a turn based battle system. Thanks again man! ^^

    You can see the battle system here, right now the only event is to make characters flash infinitely and then move on to the next one. There should also be the typical "ready" sound effect from so many FF games, this signifies the turn order along with the character stopping to flash. The active character will be able to attack or whatever according to their speed stat. Use J to move from character to character and the monster acts on its own AI.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <font color=red>Link removed to make room in Dropbox. See my latest post please for latest version.</font>

  • i wish you would do a zelda example <3

  • Hah, that screenshot. I really want to test it out, now. :)

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  • Finally got an animation for that random battle! ^^

    After creating many new actions under several functions, now Cloud can attack in the random battle. You can test it with the link, J to do the attack or click/touch it with mouse/finger.

    <font color=red>Link removed for more room in Dropbox. Check last post of mine for latest version.</font>

  • looking as good as the originals :D keep going !!!

  • Awesome! Brings back memories of when games were so much more about the plot.

    Also feels much more responsive than original or emulator versions.

  • I've added touch control, you can tap (or click) on "Attack". I also changed J to space to select commands, W and S still move the hand up and down.

    Now all the heroes have some kind of attack animation with sound effect! You can cycle through all characters endlessly.

    Random Battle - All Heroes with Animations

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