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  • Hey Everyone,

    Here's my game I've developed with Construct 2. I've bee working with Contruct 2 for about a year now. It's what I like to think of as a "Wing Commander" style game.

    I'm looking for some feedback and critisizm. I'm a solo developer and this the beta of the free version of my game. I'm in the final hours of tweaking and plan to start posting it on Facebook and various HTML5 web platforms in the next 48 hours, then to the Android and hopefuly IOS itunes platforms.

    You can find my game here at

    Tell me what you think. Have hopes to take this game to Kickstrater.

    This game game is a 2 level single mission to complete. I want players get into it intuitivly without a lot of instruction. I hope the HUD will help guide the player and I do plan to offer more instructions and tips however I'd like feed back prior to that to guage the ease to start.

    Be brutal and kind


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  • Reminds me of Star Wars: Rebel Assault, which is both good and bad at the same time <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • What do you mean "good and bad" and reasons for both if you dont mind.


  • TheDom

    A few quick bits of feedback for you.

    I tested the game on my ipad3 and it runs quite smoothly (it was the wrong aspect ratio and didn't resize properly, but that's probably due to you not having configured it specifically for larger iOS devices yet).

    The first thing I'd suggest is changing the title, on account of the Star Trek First Contact film, as it seems a bit similar. The text explanation at the start went a bit quickly, and I didn't get a chance to read it all before it vanished (I think there were a few spelling mistakes, so I'll check this again when I get the chance). The Star Wars game comparison holds up, as it did remind me a little of the classic 3d game from the 80s.

    I found the controls function quite smoothly, though I'd have preferred thumbstick style for greater manoeuvrability (a good example of thumbs tick controls that work well can be seen by searching the forum for Icarus Wave. I'd also suggest looking at Kronos by farflamex on Kongregate, as its full of ideas.

    I really liked the pulse effect on the spaceship lasers, and the ship design works well. What I would also like to see is 'breathers' between missions, where you return to base and hang out in the bar, checking out scores and having conversations with other Npcs (wing commander style) as without the occasional change of pace the game could get quite repetitive (its possible that you've already planned something like this). All in all, its a fun shooter which doesn't yet bring any new ideas to the genre, though I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to mix things up a little.

    Best of luck with it, and let me know if you need more feedback on revamped versions.

  • Awesome feedback! Thanks! Thats's interesting that you tried it on a tablet. My expectation was that people would try it in the web browser. It is scaled for small devices (phones) and I'm working on the issue to align weapons fire on larger devices. All great advice. I really need a fresh perspective.

    Thanks again!

  • LOVE IT!!!   awesome style, smooth game play, nice.

    <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the response. Much appreciated!

  • I really love the UI, the concept of locking on to targets looks great as well. The one thing that annoyed me was how loud one of your audio files was, the sound that begins after you destroy an enemy (I think). The ringing sound itself was fine but the volume for the file might be just a tad bit higher then all the other sounds. Other then that I really like the concept   <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the feedback, and the great response! Defenetly going to tone down the sound a little on that alarm.

    Thanks again.

  • Pretty good, if you like this sort of thing, few things I noticed

    Against the smooth scrolling and slick HUD the enemy movement seems very clunky and gives them a cardboard cut out look, I think it may be due to using sprite animation rather than rotation for their movement...

    Also the enemy just appear right in front of you rather than see them in the a very cramped feel in a vast universe

    Collision detection was a tad iffy and something that would probably bother Sci fi game fans (Your audience), is your shots hit exactly in the centre of the reticule, irrespective of movement, where in reality you would need to take the time for the shot to travel into consideration...

  • Oh forgot to add, pressing fire sends my browser screen skywards, not good as I could not see my enemy position indicators...

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  • Thanks for the Feedback. Appreciate your perspective.

  • In terms of polish and quality, I think it's excellent. Really nice and professionally done. My worry is that the game is slightly complicated and it's kind of hard to know what's going on - or at least, I had no idea where the enemies were and just spun around looking for them. There are probably instructions but most people refuse to read them and expect the game to be intuitive and instantly accessible. So if you stick your game on Kongregate/Newgrounds etc, my guess is that you'll receive a lot of hate votes from people who couldn't be bothered working out how it works... as I found out to my cost with a recent game.

    But personally I think it's very good and if you market it well and ignore the haters (like I didn't :p ) then I see no reason why it can't do well.

  • That's some really impressive use of C2. I concur with others who say it looks pretty polished. I did pick up on the arrow indicators showing where enemy craft are.

    I though the controls felt a bit sluggish, like some of the particularly ponderous craft from WC. For me, it seemed a bit frustrating, like I had to fight to move through molasses.

    Technically, very cool. I'd love to see a bit of a behind-the-scenes dev insight, if you ever have the time or inclination.

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