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A challenging game that needs quick responses!
  • Hi!

    Finally I have managed to finish my game: Fidget - Quick & Dirty!

    It's a One-Click/One-Tap jump'n'run game, designed for mobile devices, but working of course on desktops too. You can tap, click or press space to jump. Nothing more to do.

    The game progress will be saved after each level. Be warned: the levels are short but hard. And often frustrating. It's a game for badasses not pussies!

    Either you'll love it or hate it - or both! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt=":mrgreen:" title="Mr. Green">


    Scirra Acarde:

    Update: added Google Play link


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    Some screenshots:

    I'm looking forward for feedback and critics. Thank you very much!

  • Fun game! I thought it had some really nice music and great artwork, I especially liked the backgrounds. The level design and controls were also good, however the difficulty could change very quickly: for example level 13 and 14. I played until level 21 and it was mostly enjoyable, although it did become frustrating at times (I suppose that's the whole point though ). Also, I didn't understand the use of the stars as they seemed to serve no real purpose, perhaps you coulld use them to unlock a new page of levels? I also thought that some kind of story or premise could have added to the character of the game, but that's just my opinion.

    Overall, a really fun platformer with a nice aesthetic and lots of polish - 4/5

  • Thank you very much!

    The stars are diamonds And they only serve the purpose of score and an additional ending.

    Yes, I could have added a story, but for what purpose? In the end it is just a sadistic but simple game. I didn't see a need for a story.

  • Wish you had a degree of control over the cat. Maybe a button that increases walking speed. Because it's pretty tedious walking back and forth opposite ends of a map every time you don't get a jump the first try.

  • Noisefever I completely understand, but I think the diamonds could add a lot replayablitity and a whole new dimension to your levels.

  • WOW dude loved it, love games that with really simple mechanics manages to be really fun. Reached lvl 12- Will you release it on Android?

    My only critic with the game is that if i want to replay a level that i already completed i cant pick up the diamonds, what if you want to show it to a friend in your own computer? He would play half the level, you know what i mean?

  • Glad you like it! Thank you very much!

    The game has a maximum score value. Because otherwise the hiscore table would be not as challenging as it is now. If you replay a level the score of this level is reset until you have collected all diamonds in the level. To ensure that there is a maximum score I had two options:

    1. reset the diamonds if you replay the level even if you had collected them all.

    2. make the diamonds uncollectible.

    I decided that option 1 is too nasty. Especially in the really hard levels this would be like a punishment and prevent players from replaying a level just for fun. Beat level 13, and check your own opinion about that

    Android version: I'm not sure at the moment. I'm debating this with myself in the next weeks

    But, did you realize that you can play it already on android in the browser?

  • Mmm im not sure if i understand what you are saying... you mean every level has a maximum score value and your concern was stoping the players from replaying a level over and over adding to the global score? If thats the case then you could just make it so if the player already collected all the diamonds then when you pick up the diamond you dont add anything to the score?

    Yeah i beat lvl 13 was really hard! I asked about an Android app because i think the game has potential for the app store.

  • You're right, that would be possible although it may be irritating collecting diamonds without getting score. I will think about that.

    Actually I have to take a deeper look into the Android developer account stuff. Not sure what the costs and benefits are.

  • The Google Dev account cost was 25 usd when i created it back in 2014. About the benefit well you can try monetizing with AdMob its pretty easy setting it up with C2.

  • Have you used your existing google account or have you created a new one?

  • I created a new one.

  • Fun game, but this is a Schizophrenic cat!

  • sachos345: thanks!

    AmpedRobot: of course it is schizophrenic, the cat has no tail! (seems nobody has noticed so far)

    seriously: why is it schizo?

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  • My game is now on Google Play:

    Feedback would be appreciated!

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