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  • hi

    i have an early demo of my project and i think that you could check it and give some feedback or your opinions of the game, the tutorial is in spanish but i think the images in it are self explanatory, you use the mouse in the main menu and you revive with the space bar.



  • 2nd bunny killed me. Found the wall jump a little tricky. The art style's not too bad, and the animations are very fluid. Very interesting game. Where will this end up? I assume PC, but I think the style may suit a mobile device if you can get the controls working on that.

  • I think it's pretty cool, the animations are very good, fluid like AnD4D said and very atmospheric :) Well done so far :)

  • The animation doesn't really feel fluid , seems like the character is jumping from 1 frame to another : The punch animation ends , jumps to idle ; when up is pressed , left pressed , jumps to running animation (Maybe it's me , I can't really compare it to limbo :) ) the wall jump is a bit hard to achieve , the difficulty curve is too harsh , died on the second bunny , the punch doesn't feel smooth ( when you punch repeatedly , you can see a delay between each punch , I guess it's the animation ) and more acceleration (inertia) wouldn't hurt , I guess all of this would change in the full game ...

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  • we know that the bunnies are a pain and you die like in the 3rd one xD,

    we will fix that, well, the jump to run animation is a bug with the jump thru in the platforms and i dont know how to fix it =(.

    the delay in the punch was intentional because if you pressed too fast the d key the animations of the punch wont finish, if we didnt do that you could punch faster but the animations will "cut", about the animations of falling to idle, we know that it doesnt look good and fluid.

    we dont have animations like idle to jump or run to jump but if you think that it will look better i can talk with my friends an implement that in the future.

    thanks for the feedback =).

  • Very nice animations, character design and atmosphere you have there <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> good luck!

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