Felix: Chronicles of a Shadow

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  • <img src="http://www.lrtw.net/Games/RotGF/Screenshots/Banner.jpg" border="0">

    You are Felix, thief extraordinaire. It?s never been about the money ? it?s the thrill of the chase, the Great Game. But this time you?ve gotten yourself in deep. You broke the number one rule of crime ? never get attached.

    This is something I've been working on for a while that I think is just about ready to get some critique on. It's a noir-themed stealth-platformer about a young, fearless thief who gets framed for a murder. Don't want to give too much away about the story - partly because I haven't quite finished writing it yet and anything could change really.

    This game is being developed with the amazing Construct 2 engine. Everything done by myself, utilising public-domain music and sound-effects. Currently the game is going to be released free :handmoneyR: :handthumbsdownL: :noir:, so I'll be posting links to builds you can play every so often.

    <font size="5">Screenshots</font>

    <center>    </center>

    <center>    </center>

    <center><font size="5">Videos</font></center>

    Pre-Alpha Gameplay Clip (No Audio due to Camstudio being silly)

    <center><font size="5">Pre-Alpha Build (In Browser)</font></center>

    <center>It is recommended you use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome to play.</center>

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  • Hi, cool game, must've taken lot of time to create. I have some problems I found while playing.

    • I didn't know the game is also played with mouse. When throwing emp grenades, they always went to the left. Only after a while I touched the mouse and found out there is a crosshair. In the tutorial, buttons (next, skip) can't be clicked with mouse, maybe if it could be used with mouse, the crosshair would stay on the screen (I tried to click it, it didn't work, than I left the cursor outside of the playable area - to the left), or there could be one more message saying, grenades are aimed with the mouse.
    • Hints could be saved into a log or something, I clicked them away and than later couldn't remember what were they saying.
    • I had some problems with wall jumping, took me a while to learn it.
    • Can't get past the door in the first level. It's the password door on the screenshot 2. The door opens, but it won't let me through.

    I'll try it again, maybe the door problem was just one time bug.

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