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  • After 2 month of hard work I managed to publish what I believe is the first app made with Construct 2 to reach the App Store!

    The "Game" is an educational application for autistic or otherwise impaired teenagers and adults and teaches how to recognize the emotion that a person is feeling. By the way, it's entertaining even for an normally developed individual as it's not so easy to infer emotions from just a picture, plus there is an hard mode with peculiar words that also tests your vocabulary.

    I think that this app shows the versatility of construct 2 since it's not strictly a game. It generates each "play" choosing random non repeated synonyms from an internal emotion dictionary and then lazy loads the correct emotion from a pool of thousands of images. It also supports multiple languages (currently en and it, soon de, fr, es)

    It's compiled with PhoneGap (1.4.1) using the low latency audio plugin (see my tutorial) and employs the native alerts (using a custom plugin that I'll soon publish).


    Feel Trainer APP Store (Whoever wants to try it just pm me and I'll send you a promo a code so you'll get the game for free).

    Feel Trainer google Play (Android) (For Android there are no promo codes AFAIK).

    Tech Stuff:

    If you are serious about developing mobile apps the bad news is that you'll have to compile PhoneGap yourself, the online service is too limited and certain features (like the alerts or the native audio) must be tested before release.

    Even if I had (and still do have) reservations about c2 (and in general HTML5) I can honestly say that there is nothing you can't do with it, granted that for some of them you'll have to get your hand dirty with plugins, but basically every single part of the engine is editable so there is no limit.

    Before stopping here I tried almost every HTML5 game framework and c2 is the best even if it's in the form of a game maker (with all the attached issues) but Ashley knows what he's doing and he keeps up with the latest specifications and technologies.

    I hope this first milestone will encourage more developers to approach c2 and in turn scirra to offer more developer friendly options.

  • Great job and congrats! Now you just sit back and watch the money role in. I've heard it's hard to get an app on the App Store because Apple can be picky so it's no mean feat. The fact it's done with Construct just proves it is possible to make money from the program. I think what you've created is original and could be of real use for people with poor social skills (autistic etc).

    Just two notes. On the Google Play write up you spelt 'trouble' as 'truble' and you called the app 'Face Trainer' instead of it's proper name.

    Again though, well done.

  • vandinz Thanks for the spellcheck :-)

    About the money I don't know, about the quality it's true, in reality it's not quality but polish. I see tons of GREAT games posted in this forum that are literally ruined by a lack of polish, this is the reason why on the App Store you can see very "stupid" little apps and see a complex one get rejected, because as simple as they might be, the little they do they do it great.

  • Congrats! I haven't seen anyone made a real app for stores, i had bad times when i tried to compile with PhoneGap, but there an annoyance made me feel frustrated because i should to provide my certificate to compile .ipa, i believe it was bullsh*t, i tought iOS develop program helps us to improve codes and host app stores, BUT i didn't know about compiling .ipa requires certificate in PhoneGap, it's so annoying. I decided to not buy 99 $ per year... I only add HTML5 Files in Safari doesn't cost anything, plus there comes an extra script Add to home screen

  • Joannesalfa I don't understand what you mean. Without a licence you can test on the simulators (which are fairly accurate). To test on device and distribute on the appstore you must buy the licence.

    The problem with adding an online app to Home Screen is that you can't monetize it.

  • Joannesalfa I don't understand what you mean. Without a licence you can test on the simulators (which are fairly accurate). To test on device and distribute on the appstore you must buy the licence.

    The problem with adding an online app to Home Screen is that you can't monetize it.

    I mean iOS Developer Program certificate which is required to get .ipa in PhoneGap.

    There a lot of ways to monetize like ads, sponsors, in-app payments, etc. meanwhile in app store has right to remove your apps for some reason, plus you pay like %30 per sale to Apple and 99 $ annual. It doesn't make you an independent, but it gives you a lot of money if your app is lucky.

  • Hello 0Plus1

    i would like to try your app on my ipad: Can you sent me a promo a code

    Kind Regards

    Steen Osterby

  • Hello 0Plus1

    Can you make a simple tutorial based on your project. like size etc.

    And which test enviroment you are using.

  • steenosterby code sent, enjoy!

    For the screen use this excellent template.

    I develop on window in c2 once finished I move everything to my mac and started building in xCode (with PhoneGap) if something was wrong back to windows and c2. It's tedious but necessary and I learned so much that my next game will not require so much effort.

  • congrats for the game :)

  • I'd love to try it on my iPad, can you send me a promo code? Thanks.

  • If you still have some promo codes left, I'd love to tested it out too 0plus1 <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • 0plus1,

    i will buy it sir. to support the first c2 game on the app store.


  • andreyin Potato code sent

    harrio thanks, appreciate it!

  • Thanks for the code, tried it out and it's running great!

    I have a question, tho: are you pulling the images of faces and such from the internet? I had a weird bug where a face wouldn't load here, all I saw was the spinning loading icon.. I waited for a while and nothing appeared, so I chose any option and went to the next face, and everything was working ok again.

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